Amero Hoax Exposed

Posted on October 27th, 2008 Admin

by Mark Dice

Let me just give everyone a heads up about a huge Amero hoax and disinformation campaign started by Hal Turner, a white supremacist hate monger and former host of an internet radio show.  More on Turner’s dark past and motives in a bit.

On October 4th 2008, Turner posted a video on his YouTube channel, titled Hal Turner Shows New AMERO Currency, where he claims to have in his possession an actual Amero coin.  He also claims that America sent 800 billion dollars of the new coins to China in preparation for the collapse of the U.S. Dollar.  The video is located here:

The video has nearly 400,000 views, and I saw a copy of it at the number one spot on the Google Video’s top 100 list last week.  Not only is Turner wrong about having an actual Amero coin, but he is purposefully lying about it in an attempt to create the idea that a regional currency, likely to be called the Amero, is a hoax and something American’s don’t need to worry about or look into.

Anyone can purchase a “novelty replica” Amero from or   In his video where he claims to have an actual Amero, the camera zooms in on the front and back of the coin to show the designs as he attempts to “prove” its authenticity.  And guess what?  It is EXACTLY like the replicas sold on the web.

One might be led to believe that Turner is simply mistaken, and that he actually thinks he has a real Amero coin, because the Council on Foreign Relations and other New World Order organizations have been planning such a thing for years.  One might think that he just didn’t do his research, and believes his story.  This is simply not true.

Last year, Turner posted pictures on his website of what he claimed to be “real” Amero coins that he had obtained.  He plastered his website name, on the pics, knowing that people would spread them all over the web and give him free advertising by spreading his name.

A quick Google search shows anyone that the pictures of the coins were taking from the various websites that create novelty coins and replicas.  Countless people must have emailed him to point this out to him, as did the comments on his blog post.  Then, one year later, Turner obtains a replica, and then posts a video blog claming to have an actual coin!

Posting comments on the video on his YouTube channel has been disabled by him.  He obviously saw that people were posting comments about replica coins being made and sold on the internet.   So this leads to the question of why.  Why would he do such a thing, when he claims to be a concerned citizen and former radio host?

Turner has a history of urging and hoping for violence against others, including judges, and has posted their home addresses on his website and written blogs celebrating their murders.  The Southern Poverty Law center and others report that Turner is an FBI informant, and many suspect he is a paid provocateur and a cointelpro asset.

At the end of July 2008 Turner was forced to quit his radio show and abandon his website due to constant attacks from the hacking group known as Anonymous.  These are the same hackers that have targeted Scientology for its corrupt and litigious nature.  The hackers kept causing Turner to have outrageous bandwidth costs, which ultimately forced him to shut down and give up his radio show.

One can see how a large percentage of the nearly 400,000 viewers of the video will believe him at first that the Ameros are already being coined, only to later dismiss the idea of the U.S. Dollar collapsing and being replaced by a new currency because it turns out the video was a hoax.  A classic case of disinformation.  Mixing facts with fiction, in an attempt to prevent the public from focusing on the impact of such issues that we will ultimately face in the near future.

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