Bin Laden corpse photoshop artwork as fake as rest of Bin Laden mythology

Posted on May 2nd, 2011 Admin

He’s been dead since 2001 (caution, Fox News) and this is the fakest damn thing I’ve ever seen.  No clue who put this out but hopefully not the US Government.  The international corporate media have mostly retracted this photo, but what they need to retract is all the rest of their lies about this fantastical patsy character since 9/11.


Photoshop dramatization of Osama Bin Laden's dead body (Daily Mirror)

Publishing the news that Bin Laden is dead (10 years late) could represent more stage-setting for the next false flag attack to be blamed on Islamic terrorists. Check out my tweet from  just a few days ago, before they released this news.

NWO Globalists set the stage for false flag nuke attack in Europe (SpaceWar)  #nukes #bin_laden #al_qaeda #propaganda

‘Nuclear hellstorm’ if bin Laden caught: 9/11 mastermind

It’s obviously time for a new Orwellian boogey man. They can only blame so much on one man without making themselves look stupid.  We’ve been carpet bombing half the middle east looking for this guy who’s been dead already for 10 years, according to Pakistani Intelligence.

People have gotten wise to Bin Laden, but will they repeat the same mistake and buy into the next Big Lie?

Prison Planet has the low-down:

Inside Sources: Bin Laden’s Corpse Has Been On Ice For Nearly a Decade

Mainstream Media Blames Fake OBL Photo Used By Mainstream Media On “Conspiracy Theorists”


8 Responses to “Bin Laden corpse photoshop artwork as fake as rest of Bin Laden mythology”

  1. The only prroblem is you’re posting something that’s been floating around for years.

    The US Government hasn’t released any photos of his body.

    Try again, loser.

  2. If you read the article, I’m not even saying the government put that photo out. The corporate media sure did, though. The main point is he’s been dead a long time and when he was alive, he was a CIA/ Carlyle Group accomplice, along with the rest of his family and the Bush family. Recall the “Airlift of Evil” shortly post-9/11.

    You don’t have anything to say about that do you.

  3. Osama has released videos where hes referenced current events well beyond 2001. talk out of your ass more.

  4. Oh how fun. I’m getting hate mail. Are you talking about the Fat Bin Laden Video? Everything else has been audio which is much easier to fake. Operation Fat Bin Laden wasn’t that convincing to me but if you have something else please share.

  5. Fedupwithconspiracies

    Disgusting. How in the world people actually suck this stuff up is beyond me. It is rediculous. There is something called conspiracy and an oath of office you moron – and both are legally binding punishable by the fullest extent of the law in America. Get over yourselves and grow up!

  6. Huh???

  7. Fedupwithconspiracies, that might be the stupidest post I ever read

  8. I thought it was poetic. Rather on the order of Lewis Carol’s work. Very brilig.

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