Bow down before your new dictator

Posted on February 3rd, 2016 Admin

1448248628635Suspension of disbelief has been taken to entirely new heights already in this 2016 US presidential race.  6 coin tosses in a row? Not plausible. Wild disagreement between exit polls and vote counts? A phenomenon pioneered by Diebold, now the torch is being passed to Microsoft.

It’s kinda fun, like watching a fake wrestling match, but at the end of the day the Party has multiple modes of election fraud behind the scenes, ready to spring into action at the last minute.

So while getting behind Trump being lesser of n evils might seem like the obvious choice, it amounts to a hill of beans until we implement a secure, open source, auditable vote counting system, with a clear public audit trail both on paper and in the digital side.  Several such systems exist already, but of course we’re going to award those crony contracts to Microsoft, the company with a long history of putting back doors in everything, while utterly failing to secure their software against outside attacks.

So get ready to lick boots.  We’re going into bondage.

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