CBS spills the beans re ’93 WTC car bomb

Posted on October 26th, 2010 Admin

We’ve all seen the sequel, but did you know about the original WTC false flag terror bombing?

Just like Hollywood, New World Order globalists keep recycling the same formulaeic false flag terror plots over and over.  Amazingly they can pull off the same fraud repeatedly, because our attention as a society is focused on trivial corporate media fluff instead of history and politics, and many people have had their intellect stunted to the point where they lack the ability to reflect on history in a meaningful, critical way, and see patterns that have been occuring.

Between lead, mercury, fluoride and other toxicants, poor nutrition in the womb and as infants,  alcohol and other drugs, your average person living inthe US will have suffered significant reduction in intelligence. I certainly can’t blame anyone for their circumstances though, as long as they try to keep an open mind.

It doesn’t take a genius to know there’s something very contrived and fake about the WTC terror saga.  The deaths are real but the blame is false, hence the term false flag.


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  1. Since that video works not; see this one!

    Also, you might be interested to see another video which can be found with the following key words:

    “911 Israel Spy ring scandal” & “Carl Cameron”

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