“Classified Information,” huh

Posted on March 25th, 2011 Admin

So according to AP, “classified information” shows that Gadaffi was using bodies from the morgue to make it look like US tomahawk missiles killed more people than they did.

This was on Salon.com today in Glenn Greewald’s column.  Now I understand he’s looking at it from one angle, and that makes sense from his perspective…. but did anyone ever think that AP just puts out propaganda and that no, there will never be any investigation into this because there is nothing classified and it’s just a made-up lie, like Niger yellow cake uranium document forgeries, weather balloon refilling stations masquerading as mobile bioweapon production trucks, non-existent Weapons of Mass Distruction…… and the biggest lie of all, 19 hijackers pulling off 9/11 with boxcutters, making NORAD stand down and bringing WTC7 down in a free-fall even though it wasnt hit by a plane.

This is follows their Wikileaks “accidental” leak  modus operandi.  Although Wikileaks does release some real information, as Webster Tarpley pointed out recently most of the government leaks they release are inconsequential and sometimes even appear to reinforce disproven propaganda, such as their low-ball estimate of the number of dead in Iraq and Afghanistan which contradicts other, more realistic published figures.

The release of Collateral Murder could have been a warning to other reporters in the war zone.  Serious questions linger about Wikileaks, such  as their baffling position on 9/11 and absense of documents related to it.   Several other conspiracy-themed sites, such as God Like Productions and Above Top Secret also stand out as probable disinfo operations with cult followings.

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