NY Cop makes self famous

Posted on June 11th, 2011 Admin

If he hadn’t gotten all enraged, this video wouldn’t have drawn attention to him doing whatever it is he didn’t want us to know about, probably just standing there to look tough or terrorize citizens in the form of random searches, here in police state America.

They have to fund their parasitic bureaucracy somehow, and the prison system needs fresh meat, so don’t be shocked when we see a lot more jackboots storming around and hauling people off under National Security, Patriot Act, Military Commissions, etc.  Federalized police officers will get away wtih even more violence and criminal activity in the name of fighting terror, and  maintaining “order” – their kind of order, a New World Order governing over the human cattle.

Niagara Frontier Transportation Authorityshould take a stand for liberty and the Constitution, and fire this officer for breaking the law while on duty.   He threatened this citizen for doing something perfectly legal under the First Amendment- filming in public. Freedom of the press. We have the right to collect information in a public space and disseminate that information.

An officer is a public servant, and being in a public space has no expectation of privacy, and has no right to threaten this person.  Police and government, Google, and many other private businesses have cameras all over the place, and don’t get anyone’s permission first.  The officer is clearly breaking the law by threatening bodily harm and prosecutors should file charges against him.

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