Deepwater Horizon leak capped (maybe)

Posted on July 16th, 2010 Admin

Well, I’m so glad to hear that BP has a better chance to pump the oil without having to drill all the way down again.  It’s great that they were able to save all that money and red tape and increase profit instead of nuking the thing early on via one of their relief wells.   It’s also great that the US military (the largest single consumer of oil in the world) will still have access to cheap fuel from one of its main suppliers, BP.

Based on what I’ve been hearing about fissures forming in the sea floor and oil leaking in multiple locations due to bad cementing,  I’m skeptical that this cap will be a permanent solution.  I assume they will use one of their relief wells to redirect the flow and continue to pump the oil.

Because of the mess BP (and Halliburton) have caused there is going to be a lot more red tape and international resistance to drilling a new well than to tapping the existing one with a relief well.

There is obviously more money in that well than the amount BP will be putting toward the cleanup.  Regardless of how much money or “Corexit” they throw at this mess, it’s not going to correct the environmental damage.

BP is interested in one thing: profit (obviously).  If they nuke their well, they’ll have to drill a new one somewhere else.  They’d rather pawn that cost off on our wildlife and beaches than start over on a new well, and they’ve done so with the blessing of the US Government.  Well, I hope you’re happy, government puppet bureaucrats.  You really showed us who pulls your strings with your handling of this incident.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill: Well Integrity Test Shows Oil Stopped (ABC)

BP finally stops oil spewing from Gulf gusher (AP)

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