Disinformation Tactics: The Poison Pill

Posted on September 14th, 2016 Admin

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 10.08.51 PMThe object of the Poison Pill is to conflate real conspiracy with made up crazy stuff in order to dismiss criticism, confuse people searching for information, and muddy the waters.

The idea is to trick a social movement into taking the pill, which will discredit itself by perpetuating incorrect disinformation along with real information.

As an example, here is a video, allegedly about chemtrails

It has all the classical signs of a poison pill disinfo operation.  “Ron Johnson” (STF news puts out a lot of disinfo, probable government psy ops troll) in the video claims that a digital negative image is chemtrails in “night vision” and that cell phone towers can destroy a city.

To be clear, I absolutely do think chemtrails are a real thing.  One poor old YouTube user (maybe also a troll, I don’t know) got under my skin by falling for it, so I made a comment to him. Here’s a bit of my comment, because allowing my pearls of wisdom to be sucked into the swirling black hole of YouTube comment thread swine would be just plain stupid.  Fire and forget.

Look up the patents for welsbach stratospheric cloud seeding. Governments have been openly doing weather modification for 70 years. Look up Stadis 450 static dissipator additive for jet fuel which contains barium. “chemtrails” contain more than just water vapor causing the trails to persist by providing cloud nucleation sites. Avgas for piston engines also contains lead. I’m not going to get into a conversation with you about it either, because you sound like a know-it-all, but I just gave you everything you need to improve your awareness.

Not night vision, dumbass!

Negative image != night vision

Some of those Youtubers are just genuinely brainwashed sheeple though, so I figured I would throw the guy a bone.

Another popular Poison Pill is the idea that no planes hit the Twin Towers on 9/11, even though there were thousands of credible witnesses and video from about 200 different angles.  No, some people would rather say the government put holograms there to make us think they were planes, and obsess on every pixel and JPEG compression artifact in slow-motion video, to distract from other more blatant signs of a conspiracy. The same people also like to say the towers were demolished by space beams, not nano-thermite, when there is ample forensic evidence of nano-thermite.  This disinfo comes by way of two unsavory 9/11 truthers who I believed were threatened or paid off, or both– Judy Wood and Jim Fetzer.

I won’t waste time right now proving to you that planes actually hit the Twin Towers, but I’ve documented extensively here that a cruise missile hit the Pentagon, not a plane, and World Trade Center Building 7 (WTC7, NOT one of the Twin Towers, admittedly not hit by a plane) was brought down by controlled demolition.  Twin Towers “no planers” are disinfo trolls trying to distract from the plane that did not hit the Pentagon, and WTC7 which collapsed in a free-fall but wasn’t hit by a plane. Unfortunately, yes many people are that dumb, and can not keep these things straight in their jellyfish brains, and they will take the bait.

It’s very sad. Don’t take poison pills.

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