Enhanced TSA Security EVERYWHERE!!

Posted on September 16th, 2011 bsc
For anyone who has been following my emails over the past decade, you know that I was warning people about the back scatter x-ray scanners going into airports.  I said they would be made MANDATORY before long, and everyone laughed.  By now most of you have traveled, and have been subjected to the MANDATORY SCANS AND PAT DOWNS.  You know that it is now required, not just an option.  This same methodology of scanners is being rolled out now at train stations and bus stations.  But that’s not all.

Again if you have been following my emails, you know I said that before long this technology would be rolled into all facets of our every day life.  Starting with any place large groups of people gather, like sporting events and shopping malls.  As part of a new NFL regulation, fans will be subject to enhanced pat downs this season when entering stadiums.  Sure this is not YET back scatter x-ray scanners, but THEY ARE THE NEXT STEP.  The company who sells the scanners has ALREADY ACCEPTED AN ORDER for 25 million dollars worth of scanners from the NFL.  I predict within 2-5 years, after the public is further acclimated, the scanners will be implemented at ALL SPORTS STADIUMS.  Then the malls, then you will have to scan just to take a piss in your own toilet.


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