Ex-IBM Employee reveals TV Abandoned Analog Band to Make Room for RFID

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Clearing out the high power analog tv emissions will improve signal to noise ratio for RFID emitting in the 700MHz band, and potentially allow passive satellite tracking of these RFID signals.

I’m thinking about getting a stainless steel wallet to protect against having any “enhanced” RFID cards tracked or skimmed remotely. Think Geek also carries anti-skimming passport holders and wallets.  I can’t vouch for the effectiveness of stainless mesh against RFID.


(AFP/dprogram.net) According to a former 31-year IBM employee, the highly-publicized, mandatory switch from analog to digital television is mainly being done to free up analog frequencies and make room for scanners used to read implantable RFID microchips and track people and products throughout the world.

So while the American people, especially those in Texas and other busy border states, have been inundated lately with news reports advising them to hurry and get their expensive passports, “enhanced driver’s licenses,” passport cards and other “chipped” or otherwise trackable identification devices that they are being forced to own, this digital television/RFID connection has been hidden, according to Patrick Redmond.

Redmond, a Canadian, held a variety of jobs at IBM before retiring, including working in the company’s Toronto lab from 1992 to 2007, then in sales support. He has given talks, written a book and produced a DVD on the aggressive, growing use of passive, semi-passive and active RFID chips (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) implanted in new clothing, in items such as Gillette Fusion blades, and in countless other products that become one’s personal belongings. These RFID chips, many of which are as small, or smaller, than the tip of a sharp pencil, also are embedded in all new U.S. passports, some medical cards, a growing number of credit and debit cards and so on. More than two billion of them were sold in 2007.

Whether active, semi-passive or passive, these “transponder chips,” as they’re sometimes called, can be accessed or activated with “readers” that can pick up the unique signal given off by each chip and glean information from it on the identity and whereabouts of the product or person, depending on design and circumstances, as Redmond explained in a little-publicized lecture in Canada last year. AFP just obtained a DVD of his talk.

Noted “Spychips” expert, author and radio host Katherine Albrecht told AMERICAN FREE PRESS that while she’s not totally sure whether there is a rock-solid RFID-DTV link, “The purpose of the switch [to digital] was to free up bandwidth. It’s a pretty wide band, so freeing that up creates a huge swath of frequencies.”

As is generally known, the active chips have an internal power source and antenna; these particular chips emit a constant signal. “This allows the tag to send signals back to the reader, so if I have a RFID chip on me and it has a battery, I can just send a signal to a reader wherever it is,” Redmond stated in the recent lecture, given to the Catholic patriot group known as the Pilgrims of Saint Michael, which also is known for advocating social credit, a dramatic monetary reform plan to end the practice of national governments bringing money into existence by borrowing it, with interest, from private central banks. The group’s publication The Michael Journal advocates having national governments create their own money interest-free. It also covers the RFID issue.

“The increased use of RFID chips is going to require the increased use of the UBF [UHF] spectrum,” Redmond said, hitting on his essential point that TV is going digital for a much different reason than the average person assumes, “They are going to stop using the [UHF] and VHF frequencies in 2009. Everything is going to go digital (in the U.S.). Canada is going to do the same thing.”

Explaining the unsettling crux of the matter, he continued: “The reason they are doing this is that the [UHF-VHF] analog frequencies are being used for the chips. They do not want to overload the chips with television signals, so the chips’ signals are going to be taking those [analog] frequencies. They plan to sell the frequencies to private companies and other groups who will use them to monitor the chips.”

Albrecht responded to that quote only by saying that it sounds plausible, since she knows some chips will indeed operate in the UHF-VHF ranges.

“Well over a million pets have been chipped,” Redmond said, adding that all 31,000 police officers in London have in some manner been chipped as well, much to the consternation of some who want that morning donut without being tracked. London also can link a RFID chip in a public transportation pass with the customer’s name. “Where is John Smith? Oh, he is on subway car 32,” Redmond said.

He added that chips for following automobile drivers – while the concept is being fought by several states in the U.S. which do not want nationalized, trackable driver’s licenses (Real ID ) – is apparently a slam dunk in Canada, where license plates have quietly been chipped. Such identification tags can contain work history, education, religion, ethnicity, reproductive history and much more.

Farm animals are increasingly being chipped; furthermore, “Some 800 hospitals in the U.S. are now chipping their patients; you can turn it down, but it’s available,” he said, adding: “Four hospitals in Puerto Rico have put them in the arms of Alzheimer’s patients, and it only costs about $200 per person.”

VeriChip, a major chip maker (the devices sometimes also are called Spychips) describes its product on its website: “About twice the length of a grain of rice, the device is typically implanted above the triceps area of an individual’s right arm. Once scanned at the proper frequency, the VeriChip responds with a unique 16 digit number which could be then linked with information about the user held on a database for identity verification, medical records access and other uses. The insertion procedure is performed under local anesthetic in a physician’s office and once inserted, is invisible to the naked eye. As an implanted device used for identification by a third party, it has generated controversy and debate.”

The circles will keep widening, Redmond predicts. Chipping children “to be able to protect them,” Redmond said, “is being promoted in the media.” After that, he believes it will come to: chip the military, chip welfare cheats, chip criminals, chip workers who are goofing off, chip pensioners – and then chip everyone else under whatever rationale is cited by government and highly-protected corporations that stand to make billions of dollars from this technology. Meanwhile, the concept is marketed by a corporate media that, far from being a watchdog of the surveillance state, is part of it, much like the media give free publicity to human vaccination programs without critical analysis on possible dangers and side effects of the vaccines.

“That’s the first time I have heard of it,” a Federal Communications Commission official claimed, when AFP asked him about the RFID-DTV issue on June 2. Preferring anonymity, he added: “I am not at all aware of that being a cause (of going to DTV).”

“Nigel Gilbert of the Royal Academy of Engineering said that by 2011 you should be able to go on Google and find out where someone is at anytime from chips on clothing, in cars, in cellphones and inside many people themselves,” Redmond also said.

To read Redmond’s full lecture, go to this online link:

Full Lecture – Click Here


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  1. A stainless steel mesh wallet won’t work, I’m afraid — I owned one for about a year (before the mesh disintegrated), and our RFID cardkey system worked just fine, right through the mesh. The resistivity was too high in the mesh, I think — maybe a solid piece of stainless would work…

  2. if the edges of the wallet are open i could see some RF emissions leaking. but if for example there was a metal zipper that closed the entire thing, that could work.

    here’s an easy experiment to do: take a cellular phone or cordless phone and fold it up completely in a piece of aluminized mylar or aluminum foil. if you leave so much as a thin crack open, the signal will get thru. if you completely seal it up then it does a pretty good job of blocking the signal.

    so you’re probably right about the stainless wallet. it could be due to a loose mesh allowing some of the rf signal thru but most likely its due to the edges of the wallet not closing together fully.

  3. Soon it will be like the Matrix, where the powers that be will implant something into you, and if you want to be free, you have to disable it. Maybe people should think about being proactive instead. Stop this before it stops us.

  4. Gosh they already tried RFID in certain airport areas and it didn’t work to well.

    A steel case works.

  5. na na naa naa na na naa naa haa haa haa we’re fucked

  6. “Such identification tags can contain work history, education, religion, ethnicity, reproductive history and much more.”

    This is not strictly true. The passive chips only contain (and emit) a unique ID. To gain that detailed information would mean that the unique ID has to be linked to databases which can use that ID as an index to whatever information is stored against that ID.

    That we are moving in that direction is definite but the point still remains that ALL of the information is stored in seperate, often un-connected databases and NOT on the chip itself.

  7. here’s how to disable the RFID chip: take a camera with a high-powered flash (not just a point-n-shoot camera, but a professional SLR) and aim it directly at the chip, within an inch or so of the chip (in your bank card, ID, etc.). then fire the flash. i did this with a bank card (accidently) while trying to see where the chip was located within a bank card. the chip was instantly shorted-out and while the bank card still worked in traditional ATM swipe machines, the chip was completely disabled.

  8. These chips also have the technology to influence you mood, thoughts and emotions. They could also change your D.N.A and give you any disease they choose. Remember your body is biological computer so allowing a microchip inside your body will cause dis-harmony. Its not just about tracking you, its about influenceing the way you think and feel. If theres one thing the human race should do its resist the chips say NO!

  9. Any sources available to back up the claim of chipped license plates in Canada? I’m a Canadian, I’ve heard nothing about this and I could not find any references to it whatsoever.


  10. Are chip readers generally available to the public? I would be very interested in scanning my possessions to see exactly what products I have are already chipped.

  11. 5 seconds in the microwave did a fine job frying the RFID in the passport. Left a little burn mark, but so what.
    3 seconds probably would have done the trick w/o the scortching.
    Gee, officer, I’ve no idea how this got fried. Perhaps your reader had a power spike?

  12. It is also interesting to note that the number of horizontal lines in HD Tv is 1080 where the significant digits are 1 and 8 or 18 or 6+6+6.
    1080 is also 360+360+360 which is a most interesting string of numbers. Also, if you add all the numbers from 1 to 36 you get 666.
    Remember Revelation 13:18?
    Rev. 13:16-18 (KJV) And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

    17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    18Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

    But, as Rev. 14 says, taking the “mark” will be the worst choice any one made. To qualify for the mark you will have had to worship antichrist.
    I exhort all to worship God through His Son the Lord Jesus Christ.

  13. Yeah the bible (revelation of john) proficied over 2000 years ago that RFID would be implanted in people’s bodies. It’s called the mark of the beast and there is a special curse laid upon all who accept it. I pray that people wake up and realize that Jesus is the son of God and they need to serve him before it is too late.

  14. Refuse this crap….! They have got you fooled. Things are not what they seem!

  15. Phil – that’s amazing. You know, I also found that 665 -the neighbor of the Beast is very suspicious. If you add (1), (Neo’s number) to it, you get 666! Whoa! Then there’s (2). I know what you’re saying: “It seems innocent enough.” But, when you add 665 to it & then take away Neo’s number -you get (he11 yeah) 666! This can only mean one thing: The neighbor of the Beast is merely a front for the Beast when Neo isn’t home! Wait – this plot becomes more sinister and it has to do with the number (3). “Three?”, most people ask. Yes, the holy Trinity — or might I say the UNholy trinity. Because 3 -when added to (2) and then (1) makes … yeah … (6)! And (3)(6’s) are 666 (spooky)! Now – when we subtract Elvis’s Waistline (36 {6×6}) as it was at his time of death at 7:06AM (which is 6AM + 66 minutes {Tell me THAT’S not a coincidence}) we get 630. And when we add it, -we get 702. 630-702 are also the range of street addresses occupied by the property known as “The Hotel California” — a place where it is rumored that Elvis NEVER slept! Of course, that rumor is simply paranoid PR — because even the King knew that he could checkout any time he liked, –but he could never leave! Poor paranoid SOB! And it cost him – big! Of course, this analysis –added to your analysis should make it quite clear to anyone reading carefully between the lines precisely what THIS Christian thinks about your particuilar brand of faith.

  16. RE to Brian ! I live in quebec in since USA ask for passport to travel at their borders, quebec government made a driver license with a chip inside so you don’t need a passport. And beleive me, it’s popular !! Peaple that can’t go on plane ( heart desease etc) are happy not to wait in line with their fast ID verification at the border with those drivers license !

    Never sell your freedom for some none needed security ! ( even the needed one ! haha ! )

  17. Does anyone know how to disabled a chip that has been implanted in a person’s body? I need to know…


  18. The mark of the beast is upon us. Everything is coming to pass as Biblical prophecy said it would. The masses will at first oppose this, then the media will flaunt its successes at preventing crime, and then the masses will generally become tolerant of it, then finally accepting to it. Jesus won’t be far behind…

  19. Here’s yet another article of hype. Stretching the trurh to the extreme. Wanting us to believe the very worst and have fear, so we’ll keep tuning in.

    It’s not journalism… just the latest tabloid trash. The author wants you to think highly of the IBM former employee, who worked there 31 years. That should give him lots of inside knowledge, right?

    Well IBM has thousands of ’employees.’ Maybe he was a Janitor before he worked his way all the way up to ‘Sales support’. Wow!!! Let’s see, that means he was lower than a salesman? And it was at that level he stayed for the last 15-years! He figured his stay at IBM was going nowhere, so he leaves and tries to write books, siting his impressive career.

    The author also downplays the FCC official he quotes (anon.) at the end. That official may very well be one who truly knows, and is being honest. So glad he was included so well!

    I’m just saying that one should think and not just follow and fear. The concept of RFID chips is a wonderful thing for many applications. It’s only the extreme application that seems threatening. And that’s no different than anything out there.

    Heck, in writing this comment I was REQUIRED to give my email address. Perhaps I should write an article about the dangers of ‘THEM’ not liking what we comment, and coming after us with guns and knives!

    The chipping of pets and goods can avoid so much loss and pain. Chipping some people, could do the same. Leaping to assume that all of us are soon to follow, is where this story gets meaningless… and hollow.

    I do hope they chip all Bibles tho.

  20. Oh Chad, Chad, Chad and Phil, Phil, Phil… and others of like little minds.

    God might be a higher organic form from another world, I’ll grant you that. But the humanized God idea is a phony. It’s an ideal, a wish, by folks who cannot handle reality. It’s crowd control.

    Jesus… the real guy… would have nothing to do with today’s churches. Jesus the myth, is who you love and follow. Good luck dudes!

    The Bible is not worth belief. In fact, nothing is.

    Do you need to believe in gravity for it to work? No. It’s the same with ANY truth. It’s all testable.

    The Revelation of John is psychobabble. The entire Bible has been written and modified over and over by men. Whole chunks thrown out that didn’t fit the scheme of the editors. There is no God. Just greedy men out to control people. And religions do this quite well. Look at the wealth in the Vatican!

    “Have faith!… and just follow” they say. I say “Bullshit!… Have a brain and think for yourself! And you will discover what TRUTH really is.”

    Prophecy… fortunetelling… it’s all ‘an odds game’ just above the average intellect.
    Again, all of it testable.

    And the point of prophecy?… to make the reader stop thinking and start blindly following. Same with miracles. For if the prophecy is true, or the miracle is real, then I MUST stop thinking any questioning thoughts… and just follow, follow, follow.

    Isn’t it just like psychics?
    They always ask questions. But why?
    Don’t they know everything?
    And do they ever win the lottery?

    So look… If you want to be a religious person… fine. But do so behind closed doors.

    Just the same as smoking cigarettes, smoking pot or engaging in consenting adult sex. It’s called “Freedom”.

    But do keep all of these, especially religion, away from children. For this virus called “Religion” has caused more deaths, pain and destruction on this globe, than any other thing.

    And by the way… What’s a curse? …you superstitious fool.

    Humans will believe anything first exposed to as children. And when you cross against stupid beliefs… they suddenly become very un-Christian like and kill… in the name of their god.

    4,200 religions world-wide. We gots us an epidemic, Jethro!

    So if you’re a Christian and what I’ve said makes you angry, please consider that in your anger YOU ARE SINNING!!!

    You’re supposed to forgive and turn the other cheek… you cheeky monkey.

    Now lighten up and go have a great day.

  21. Christians understand anyone who takes the mark willingly will be damned. But what of the sneak attacks, people being chipped without their knowledge or consent?

    Please share your understanding of this.

  22. And then of course, there will be those foolish few who will cheerlead for this blatant intrusion into our personal lives, under the guise of it being a “wonderful thing” useful for many applications.

    Some people are just predisposed to needing a “big brother” it would seem.

  23. Tamara…
    Our Demonic Government has nothing to do with what is actually going to come to pass. When
    an individual appears with Lieing SIGNS and WONDERS…Performing Miracles, Paying off your debts…People will begin to Honor This NEW Rock Star As They Did Obama. The devil appears FIRST…SIXTH Seal, SIXTH Vial, SIXTH Trump. He Will Profess To Be Our REAL Creator.
    He Will DEMAND Worship. Should You THAN Believe This Idiot, as MANY WILL…You Will Than Be Shocked To See That You Have Also Been Deceived When The REAL Christ appears.
    If You Can Pinch Yourself and STILL Feel Pain,
    He’s a Fake. When Christ Appears, We Will ALL Be Changed Into Our New Bodies…Good, Bad and Ugly.

  24. Put it through and electro-magnet. This will kill all other forms of devices why not an rfid. and if the took off the uhf & vhf to compensate for this technology couldn’t just make a uhf – vhf transmitter and bog it down with interference?

  25. This IBM employe is 31, yet is retired and worked in a lab when he was 13?

  26. 31 year veteran, not 31 year old veteran. It means he worked for IBM for 31 years.

  27. http://www.thinkgeek.com/geektoys/science/907a/

    They sell a RFID experimentation kit.

  28. If you’ve ever been in the US military, you’ve been “implanted”. Remember all those long lines at sick bay getting all those “shots”?

  29. There is a solution. Move out into the middle of nowhere in a third world country. You can escape, quick do it while you are able. Oh and to disable RFID chips just hit them with a hammer.

  30. “Chips” can be fried yeah?

  31. Phil E. Drifter

    I want some sour cream and salsa with my gubment chips.

  32. Chipping is an advantage in an inventory point of view like product inventory, equipment, and properties. But not on humans we are not somebody’s property. While it may sound nice as a security measure in a terrorism point of view but I don’t know if I would be happy to be tracked by someone whom I never know and for what intentions he might have on me and my family.

  33. This world is full of f*****g conspiracies. Deal with it.

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