Feds found Pfizer too big to nail, so they looked the other way on massive fraud

Posted on August 23rd, 2010 Admin

(NaturalNews) When the world’s largest pharmaceutical company was found to have engaged in a massive illegal marketing campaign, federal prosecutors decided the company was too big to punish — so they let it set up a shell corporation to take the blame.

In 2001, the FDA approved Bextra for the relief of arthritis and menstrual cramps, but did not approve it for more severe surgical pain. Yet Pfizer aggressively promoted the drug to anesthesiologists and surgeons — “anyone that use[d] a scalpel for a living,” in the words of one internal company document. Company employees also told doctors that the FDA had approved Bextra as safe in doses as high as 40 milligrams, whereas the agency had actually only approved doses up to 20 milligrams.



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  1. Do not buy anything big pharma tries to sell you. Most drugs side effects are worse then why they are supposed to fix and addictive, which is exactly what they want. Then they have a client for life. The corruption and greed is disgusting, these people are no better then corner drug dealers, except they own politicians and government employees that are supposed to stop this kind of stuff form happening.

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