Fritz Springmeier on Infowars nightly News

Posted on February 5th, 2012 Admin

This is why western governments are increasingly clamping down on free speech on the Internet.  When the propaganda matrix breaks down, it’s like turning the kitchen light on and everyone sees the cockroaches. Roaches generally do not want to be stepped on, except…

Years ago in Chicago I lived in an apartment building with a major cockroach infestation. No matter what you did they would come in thru the cupboards and the walls, so in the middle of the night there would always be a few of them hanging out in the kitchen or bathroom.  One night I went to smash one and instead of running away it looked at me, and reared its head back defiantly.  I guess it was ready to do battle instead of trying to escape.

The moral of that story is that some cockroaches are insane.

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