Fukushima probably worse than Chernobyl – prepare for fallout

Posted on March 16th, 2011 Admin

Dangerous levels of plutonium, uranium, radioactive iodine,xenon, sodium, cesium and who knows what else could stay suspended in the atmosphere for weeks to years.

Now is a good time for us to start supplementing our diets with Iodine to reduce the uptake of radioactive iodine into the thyroid.  If large amounts of radioactive iodine are imminent in your area, then in order to saturate the thyroid we could break out the potassium iodate tablets we ordered from my Amazon link over there on the right side column of the site.  I haven’t clicked that lately but I’m sure it’s sold out.  I’m taking both a Kelp-based iodine and ~ 20mg/day of KIO3, to make sure my thyroid is continuously saturated with iodine.  I may increase it if higher levels of radioactive iodine are reported over the US.

Supplementing iodine is important but we also need to also take steps to filter our indoor home and work/school air with HEPA + carbon air filters running 24/7 in your central HVAC system, plus room air filters where applicable.  Showering in filtered water is also a good idea after being outside.

Based on the fireball at Reactor 2 and resulting mushroom cloud,  there was at least one core meltdown:

and check out the story below from Prison Planet about the spent fuel rods being stored on top of live reactors.

Hmm… not a very clever place to store spent fuel rods.

Prison Planet.com
Paul Joseph Watson

… It is important to stress that 40 years’ worth of deadly spent fuel rods that would have been blown sky high by the blasts were stored in the roof of the facilities you see devastated in these images. See our article for more on this urgent aspect of the story.

The Tokyo Electric Power Company has released new images that show the devastated nuclear reactors at the stricken Fukushima plant, as authorities confirm that a second reactor containment vessel has been damaged, leading to yet more deadly radiation being released into the atmosphere.

Newly Released Images Show Devastated Nuclear Reactors 160311top1

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