Gaga mobilizing gay support for latest defense authorization bill

Posted on September 20th, 2010 Admin

There’s so much absurd news today I can hardly keep up with it!  If I were gay I’d definitely sleep better at night knowing that Gaga supports my right to throw my life away and serve the evil empire.  Gay people, you should want this don’t ask don’t tell policy because it’s an easy out for you if they ever bring back the draft.

This all sounds nice to support gay rights, but this bill also authorizes more money for illegal war, and the DREAM act which gives illegal immigrants green cards if they serve in the military.  They are playing a mind game here with us: “Either you support gays and illegal immigrants in the military, or the military doesn’t get money it needs to operate.”

Why couldn’t these issues be voted on separately from the funding authorization?  They could, but it would be way less confusing that way.  Less opportunity for spin and manipulating public support with mindless jibbering boobs like Gaga

Despite the amateur-looking cinema verité shaking effect, this is military propaganda.  Don’t worry Gaga fans, I’m sure they’ll do whatever it takes to optimize the supply of freash meat for the meat grinder.

What a joke, as if serving in the military and killing innocent people is some kind of a “right.”  If we were attacked, ok (do not dare tell me the terrorists attacked us on 9/11), but who’s out there attacking us?  WHO, GAGA?  TELL ME.    You should be ashamed of yourself.  Total sellout if there ever was one.  You have no soul.

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