Update to Emilie Parker story: It’s the middle sister

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Update 1/17/13: This is bogus.  High res images are available now and it looks like the middle sister.  I should know better than to run with questionable stories like this but unfortunately I tend to assume everything the corporate media and government says is a lie.  It’s usually a safe assumption but not this time.  Now they’ll use this poison pill to dismiss all the other inconsistencies.  Makes me wonder if it was put out as disinfo on purpose. I still have little doubt this shooting was a black op on some level.

Update 1/14/13:  After pondering this for a while longer I think this is an inconclusive rabbit-hole and a distraction from other more obvious anomalies in the shooting.   I’ll leave it up for posterity in case anyone wants to drive themselves crazy trying to identify people in low-res photos.

Emilie Parkerwith her father Robbie

Remember Sandy Hook father Robbie Parker, who went from laughing to tearless crying in 2 seconds flat on national TV?  Some people thought that was strange, but most of us shrugged it off and decided not to judge someone in his position.  He’d just lost a daughter and was probably still in shock and denial, in addition to being thrust in the national spotlight, so there’s no predicting how someone in his position would act.

Unfortunately it’s time to take a closer look at this.  Emilie Parker, his 6 year old daughter who was reportedly killed in the shooting, appears to have been photographed alive and well with none other than President Barack Obama on a Sandy Hook photo op.

After comparing these photos I’m fairly confident this is the same girl so I’m going out on a limb here and posting this. A few caveats: The two older Parker sisters look very similar so this is not conclusive, and I know the implications are insane, but compare the part in the hair, the ears, forehead, the smile, chin, and dress.  The middle sister’s ears (far left in the family pic) stick out further than the girl in the photo with the president.  This is  one feature that clearly distinguishes the two of them.  The youngest sister in the photo with the president appears to have possibly aged a few months since the family photo was taken, but that doesn’t explain the difference in the ears.


Parker family, Emilie (oldest) on right

Compare with:

Emilie (?) 2nd from left, and her youngest sister, far left, but where's the middle sister?

Obama and Robbie Parker, Obama and children

Time will tell whether the media flubbed this or it is the middle sister.


Here’s Jesse Lewis, another reported victim, with his father.  Compare to the boy in the pic above with Obama.

Jesse Lewis with his father Neil Heslin on Neil's Facebook page. Photo by Rex / Rex USA

And listen, I’m not trying to be disrespectful to the families and children who died.  I’m just calling it like I see it.  Most of what the corporate media puts out is lies, so we have to be skeptical of everything.  I’m very sorry for the loss of these children and I am not going so far as to say the entire thing was faked, but you have to admit, these kids do look a LOT like the kids in the pic with Obama.  That, combined with the other “coincidences” …


– Initial reports of 3 other suspects, swept under the rug by the corporate media.  Police audio and helicopter footage confirms, suspect “proned out” in the woods.  Witness reports man in camo pants and dark jacket detained.  Police audio also describes 2 men in a rental van from New Jersey.  (Audio @ 2:00, 2:30. possible hit team)

In Batman: Dark Knight Rises  the words “Sandy Hook” are directly pointed to on a map, also the word Aurora (location of Batman theater massacre in Colorado) appears on top of a building.

Medical Examiner says “All the wounds that I know of at this point were caused by the long weapon” (rifle) but NBC reports “confirmed” that only handguns were found inside the school, and helicopter video shows a rifle being taken from the trunk of the suspect’s vehicle.  If the rifle was found in the car, but Lanza had only handguns in the building, and all of the wounds were caused by a rifle, this entirely contradicts the official story that Lanza acted alone with handguns from within the building.

– Both fathers of alleged shooters hold high level positions in the finance world.  Peter Lanza is Tax Director at GE Financial Services.  Robert Holmes is Senior Lead Scientist at FICO, a credit reporting agency.  Unconfirmed reports that both fathers were scheduled to testify before US Congress in Libor hearings (possible disinfo).

– Conspicuous absence of any actual tears out of all the crying that has gone on.

If it was just one of these things alone, maybe we could overlook it, but all of them combined?  It’s highly improbable that these would all be random coincidences.  This is how they rub it in the face of anyone out there who’s awake. They know most of the zombified couch potatoes will buy the official explanation, however sloppy.

Assuming for a minute that the media just screwed up and used a pic of the wrong Parker sister, why has there not been a retraction or correction issued?  Wouldn’t the parents have told someone they got the wrong picture?  Every news agency would want to be first to correct the others.  At least when BBC news reported on 9/11/01 that WTC7 in New York had collapsed 15 minutes early (while standing right in front of it) they went into damage control hyperdrive and said it was a “cock-up” and they lost the tapes and yada yada.  In this case, not a peep from anyone.

It’s becoming apparent that people in very high places orchestrated this on some level.  This is the formula they follow.  They take a drugged, mentally ill patsy, give him guns, and send in a black op hit team to do the killing, taking out the patsy in the process.  Sometimes the patsy really is a killer, sometimes the patsy thinks they’re taking part in a drill.  Some of these patsies are so drugged or retarded they could be told they’re on a mission to protect Santa Claus from space aliens and there’s a good chance they’d go through with it.

Regardless of whether these reported victims really are the kids in the pic with Obama, this event bears the hallmarks of a black op.

Every time they stage something this heinous, what follows is even more heinous.  Ask yourself what do the Illuminati want?  Simple, they want everything. They want slaves, and slaves can’t have guns.



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  1. Idiot, that’s emilie’s little sister wearing her deceased sisters dress. Their mom probably wasn’t in the mood to shop for new clothes after her baby was killed. You are a disgusting person. Trying to use a tragedy for anti Obama propaganda. Sick.

  2. Lady, it looks like the older sister to me. Gun grabbing commies are the ones exploiting this, not me. I have nothing to gain from writing about it other than to warn people that there is some weird stuff going on and it’s not what it appears to be. If you want to believe in fairy tales go ahead but there is more that stinks about this operation than just these photos. Read my other post about the rifle being left in the car.

  3. actually if you look closely emilie’s crown is on the left side of her head where her hair parts. the sisters is closer to the right but more centered. in the pic with the president the hair is done the same way and her crown is on the left just like emilies

  4. Do you really think if this was some elaborate hoax that they would be stupid enough to have pictures taken with the supposedly dead children that will obviously be published? Obviously if this was a hoax they wouldn’t have the children who are supposed to be dead there in the building, that’s ridiculous. I will admit there are some things about the whole story that still make no sense to me such as how he used a rifle to kill everyone yet the rifle was in the car, so which is it? Also what ever came of the person who was supposedly at home that day who had said there was an altercation the day before and now they say there was no altercation the day before. I just feel they never cleared up a lot of the confusion that was thrown out by the media as the events were happening. I don’t believe this was a hoax though and saying the dead children are in these photos is just grasping at straws.

    I do believe police and government can exaggerate a story for their own benefits. Last year my son who was a freshman in high school was making a video with a few friends for a class project. He and his friends went after school hours to the pavilion area way out behind the school to film his video. They had camera equipment out and were using unloaded airsoft guns to make their video. Well apparently a teacher who saw them walk past the school on her way leaving for the day called police saying she saw a bunch of kids all dressed in black (my son was wearing a white shirt) walking by the school (they were actually a good distance from the school walking down the road that leads to the pavilion area). The police arrives and without a blink pulled his gun on the kids yelling at them to drop their weapons (with orange tips except one which they weren’t even using). My son could have been shot. Luckily the boys dropped the airsoft guns. they were patted down and thrown against the cop car. I was called and my son was suspended from school for 2 days even though this was after school hours. The police did nothing because there was no laws broken. The media had a field day with this though. They printed that a boy brought a fake gun to school and pointed it at another students head. How bad does that sound? But obviously that was not what happened. Other parents were frantic calling the town selectman wanting info on this crazy kid who was my high honors son just trying to make a good video for his class project. They printed how the kids were dressed in all black….really? jeans and I think one kid had a black sweatshirt on (this was in Dec mind you) and my son had a white shirt on with no sweatshirt. After this the police tried using this event to get more gun control and laws about air soft guns. I am sure they would not have had the leverage they wanted if not for the how the story was blown out. If it was just a few honor roll students with airsoft guns and the teacher made a mistake then no one would have cared. Very frustrating!

    so I know all too well how police/government and media can exaggerate situations to fit their needs. I do believe Sandy Hook happened. But I take all the info I read in the paper and see on TV with a grain of salt because I am sure some of it is not true.

  5. Actually, I do think they’re that stupid. They’re smart enough to come up with crazy false flag plots but not smart enough to execute them perfectly. However to call the whole thing is a hoax is a bit premature and I’m assuming that some children actually died, even though I don’t think the parents have seen their kids’ bodies.

    There’s exaggeration and misinformation, and there’s deliberate disinformation to promulgate an agenda (gun confiscation).

  6. There are definitely other strange things I would like to know more about, like why Gene Rosen who lives right across from the fire house would take 6 children into his house and not call 911 or take them to the fire house. That guy is creepy and if there was really a bus driver with the kids why would she let some strange man take these kids into his house rather than taking them across the street to the firehouse where there had to be a ton of commotion going on. And who was the guy yelling in a forceful voice to the children that everything was going to be okay? I don’t actually think this points to a hoax but rather just a really creepy guy who is lying for his 15 minutes of fame. I would like to know which 6 children were at his house and find out if any of it really true.

  7. wait! maybe Emilie was never their child, look how she is sitting off the right of the rest of the family, maybe she was photo shopped in to make it look like they had 3 kids! KIDDING! I mean anyone can come up with crazy ideas. The fact is the girl in the picture with Obama looks just like the little girl to the left in the family picture. The hair part means nothing, don’t you know when you braid hair you part it down the middle and not to the side? Obviously in the second picture her hair is left down so parted naturally. I have kids who are close in age who have hair that parts the same way, that is normal. My kids also share clothes as they are close in size as well. The middle child is wearing the sisters dress, how do you go from seeing the same dress to believing it must be the same girl wearing it? If you look closely at the eyes of the girl with Obama, you can see its the middle child in the first picture…not that I will ever convince you but oh well.

  8. I’m not convinced either way, and less so now than when I posted it. The two features that look more like the older sister to me are the ears and the part in the hair. Obviously the dress is of no consequence and hair can be parted differently. The problem with posting questionable stuff like this is everyone will focus on it while ignoring things like the rifle/handgun inconsistencies, memory-holed 2nd and 3rd suspects and the van from New Jersey.

  9. The chin is the same, same kid.

  10. Can someone please answer me this? Okay so if Emilie is the one in the picture with Obama, then what I don’t get is that if Emilie really is alive, then how would the family cover it up? Wouldn’t they need it to be where no one can see Emilie or else they might suspect something? If the family is seen with 3 children that looked exactly like how they really are, then everyone would obviously know something is amiss.

  11. I think there are two distinct possibilities. 1, The Parker family are actors and Emilie never went to the school, or 2, the girl in the photo with Obama is the middle sister. And you’re right, it wouldn’t work very well if they really lived in the area and she really attended the school unless maybe they shipped her off to live with a relative for a while. All I know is the girl in the pic with the president looks like the one they say is Emilie in the family pic. Because of the inconsistency in the rifle story everything has to be questioned.

  12. Anyone who believes the child in the photo is Emilie, blow all the photos up. The child in the photo in fact is the Parker’s middle child. Yes, they all three look so much alike. But the two younger ones have little noses. Emilies, it big. Not because she’s bigger but because her nose happens to be wider on her face!

  13. I spent a lot of time looking at the noses and couldn’t draw any conclusions. My thinking was the girl’s nose in the pic with Obama looked wider than the middle child’s, but not quite as wide as Emilie’s in the family pic. Also the middle child’s nose is more turned up so nostrils are visible, which isn’t apparent in the pic with Obama. This could be due to the downward angle. The features that make me think it could be Emilie are the ears and the part in the hair. If we had high res copies of these photos this whole thing could be put to rest.

  14. I saw the Sandy Hook cover up movie and bought the idea that it was the Emilie with Obama too.

    Then, I thought, I have two daughters close in age, and it seems like just yesterday that the older one was wearing what the younger one is now wearing.

    So I too looked at their faces: cheeks, noses, hair, etc.

    I couldn’t come to a 100% conclusion, but thought that all the facial features looked more like the middle child than the older one.

    But then, I looked at the photo with Obama and the family, the same one on the Sandy Hook Cover up video: Four people in the family with Obama…now, why on Earth, if they accidentally brought out the faking Emilie to be in the picture by accident, why would they leave out the OTHER child?

    Like all good conspiracy videos, the Sandy Hook Cover Up has a lot of things that can make you want to believe it. (Un)fortunately, when scrutinized, they just don’t stand up.

  15. The Parker family photo is still a major Photoshop, and i’m not talking about Samantha’s wierd hand, but her face.

    It is a flip face. That’s where you take the left half of a full facial shot, flip it 180 degrees to make it look like the right half, and then line it up with the left half on the full face.

    You do the same thing with the right half – make a left mirror image of it and align it with the original right half on the full face.

    Then comare these two flip faces with the original full face:



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