Hi-res graphic of 2 Boston Marathon bombing suspects

Posted on April 17th, 2013 Admin

Update 4/18/12:  ABC news released a story saying the guy in blue went to police to clear his name.  They say he’s 17.   ABC story completely fails to mention that nobody is saying the guy in blue with the blue and black bag planted the bomb. We want to know what happened to the other guy’s black backpack.  The bomb(s) were in black backpacks, not blue and black duffle bags.  Why would ABC completely ignore the guy who  was first seen with a bulging black backpack, then seen without it?

Latest from 4chan, shows suspect(s) with and without backpack.  Notice the hard object bulging in the backpack.  Click for full size.


And a collection of photos from Reddit:

The Hahatango Collection

The ChefMattRock Collection

The Levine Deadspin Collection

The Mattsycollins1 Collection Note: This is the Hahatango Collection with added graphical references.

Comprehensive Daily Mail Collection

Smaller Sets:

Susie91 took these at 1:37pm: One Two

A Hi-Res Hahatango overlook with black backpacks graphically circled

7 News “Before and After” Bomb Pics

Fox 5 Atlanta Bomb Evidence Set

Hi-Res Evidence Pictures (Compliments of gingetwo)

jwalsh1316’s pictures 11:15am 11:59am12:20pm

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