How to cancel your social security number and birth certificate and become a sovereign citizen

Posted on December 9th, 2011 Admin

*** Attention: By following these instructions you assume all responsibility and liability for your own actions ***

Namaste to all and of every political persuasion,

We are here today to inform you that you have the right to cancel your Social Security Number and birth certificate… And reclaim your sovereignty from the unconstitutional United States Corporation. Tired of funding these never ending wars and bank/corporate bailouts? Try this!

How to cancel your Social Security Corporation
1) print out IRS form 966: corporate dissolution
2) under the corporation name put MR/MS/MRS/etc as appropriate and then your full name IN ALL CAPS.
3) under EIN put you SSN
4) under return type, check Other and write in “1040”
5) the rest of the info you can figure out.
6) above your signature write “Without Prejudice UCC 1-308”
7) make a copy for your records
8) send it into the IRS

This next year… Instead of filing taxes… Cancel them!

Why does this work? Your Social Security Number is actually a corporation and a second you. This stems from the idea of “corporate personhood.” The idea of giving corporations the rights of natural humans may seem utterly disgusting, but under Black’s legal dictionary the definition of “person” is a natural human or corporation. This is because they are trying to fool people into self identifying as their SSN corporation! Hence the need to give your Statutory person the rights of a natural human.

Another reason why this works is because of UCC 1-308. Please look it up. This is the code that reserves natural human rights and opts out of the UCC that you don’t know about. This is critical to understand because if a judge were to ever ask you what that means, it is only valid if you know. That is to say, presenting this paperwork to a statutory court, and understanding it, means they don’t have jurisdiction… Not only that but you also then have the Constitutional right to have any and all cases seen by a court of common law…. Or have the case dismissed and compensation dispensed for your troubles. You can tell the difference between a statutory court and a common court because statutory courts use American Flags with a gold fringed borders.

-Congratulations, you are a sovereign citizen that has reclaimed your constitutional rights!
-Using or claiming to be your invalid SSN is fraud
-You have the right to have all debts be denominated in Constitutional Money: ounces of gold and silver.
-You have the right to work without a SSN
-You have the right to be paid in ounces of gold or silver.
-You have the right to be treated as a corporation without a SSN but only with discrete opt-in consent.
-Filing taxes would be considered fraud due to need to fill in your invalid SSN. They also only collect unconstitutional Fed Notes which is most certainly not constitutional legal tender: gold or silver.
-Figuratively, all account linked to your statutory person are invalidated
-Technically, if gold or silver is offered and declined, the debt itself is nullified. This include mortgages, car loans, credit cards, student loans, federal and state taxes, etc.
-Anyone that calls to collect on an unconstitutional debt linked to your deceased “person”… asking to speak to you…. They are actually asking two questions… Do you still have a personal statutory corporation? And, do you still self-identify as your corporation? It would be fraud to say yes… As your corporation doesn’t exist anymore!
-You have the right to sign up for a new SSN
-No retirement benefits… As if they will be there when most of us retire. Lol
-You have the right to have all court cases seen by a court of common law or have the case dismissed due to the lack of Statutory Jurisdiction. Your corporate Statutory SSN straw-person is how all corporate statutory courts can claim jurisdiction and pull a fast one on us.

As of the time of this writing, most corporations do not accept gold or silver as legal tender. They are abridging our Constitutional Rights. This is why we must start actually going to stores with gold and silver and reclaim our Right to use this form of money.

Some stores accept gold and silver at US mint pressed denominations. This is tax fraud as they would be claiming to the IRS the face value of these coins instead of the IRS regulation of full trade value. These same stores do not recognize the face value of Constitutional bullion even though the face values are almost always present in the form of “one ounce .999 fine silver” or some such depending on the coin or bar.

When gold and silver are declined as tender, they are abridging their own and your own Constitutionally Guaranteed Rights. No one has the authority to abridge these right including store managers, managers in general, directors, CEOs, clerks, judges, and even the President of the (unconstitutional) United States Corporation. Btw, it was Nixon that took us off the gold standard even though he didn’t have the Enumerated Constitutional Right to do so.

It would be great to see #occupy-spend-silver gathering in places like Whole Foods, Target, Lowes, etc, etc. This would be a great way to regain this Guaranteed right.

As far as solutions go for foreclosures… The bankers are most afraid of the #Occupy-my-house aspect of the #occupy movement because that stops their unconstitutional fraudulent business model. FYI, every mortgage is fraud due to breaking double entry accounting standards during loan originations (accounting fraud), the lack of consideration [non-legalese: skin in the game] in every loan by every bank (contract fraud), and the money doesn’t meet the definition of legal tender (constitutional fraud).

All that said, how about our birth certificates? Well, these certificates are actually printed on financial bond certificates. On the back, there is a red number that defines the financial bond, that is you and is publicly traded!

That is to say, corporate personhood is fraud… So is our birth certificate.

How to cancel a birth bond:
1) print out a birth certificate change form; some financial birth bonds have a change form on the back.
2) enter these three field to be changed: State file id number, date of birth, and “name” as per stated on the bond.
3) enter the values as currently indicated
4) leave the change-to values blank
5) find a religious reason for cancelation. Reincarnation is a great reason. The soul is not born when the body is… It existed before and will exist after we pass on. Internet search for a reincarnation quote from a Zen Buddhist/Daoist master and print it out with a statement like “I am canceling my birth certificate because my soul existed before I was born”
6) above your signature write “Without Prejudice UCC 1-308”
7) make a copy for your records
8) send it in to your state location

This terminates the fraud known as the birth bond.

Rat fact: in Commonwealth states their birth certificates call the person a Subject! This is odd given that most people say that the term Commonwealth is simply antiquity. This term traditionally indicates that the territory is literally owned by the Queen of England. Given that Commonwealth citizens are defined as SUBJECTs by their birth bond…. The probability of the term Commonwealth being “just antiquity” is about zero. Subjects are only defined in relation to the Queen… Just like Canada. Non-commonwealth states use more typical terms like “child’s name” or “name.”

Hopefully this helps move things forward for the #Occupy movement.

Thank you for taking the time to consider this… And possibly spreading it around!

Be the love and peace you wish to see. :D

With peace, love, and respect, -Anonymous


23 Responses to “How to cancel your social security number and birth certificate and become a sovereign citizen”

  1. Great article. If one were to cancel his/her strawman, how do you handle the police when they pull you over? What about purchasing or renting a home?

  2. To be honest I have no intention of doing this myself, nor am I a sovereign citizen. I have a drivers license, pay taxes in fraudulent federal reserve paper and all the rest of it. Bartering and off-grid independent living is great but unless you have income in metal bullion or can barter for some land, it’s going to be tough without a social security #. Banks will ask for the SS# for a credit check, to issue a loan (out of thin air).

    There is no real private property in the US because of property tax which must be paid in Fed Notes (which are unconstitutional and not backed by gold and silver).

    As far as being pulled over on the street, in that position I would probably just say I don’t have a license or a social security number, give them my name and ask why they pulled me over. The court system has a difficult time even processing someone without a social security number so unless you did something dangerous, they might not even want to deal with it and just let you go, or they might taze you and let you rot in a jail cell for a while. Hard to say.

  3. If I cancel my birth bond, will my husband still be allowed to claim head of household as well as claim myself on his taxes? I know that he would never understand the concept of the hidden meaning of birth certificates anyway. Thanks

  4. I doubt these dependents have social security numbers.
    Of course they took the video down but maybe you can still find it on the NBC web site.

  5. Does anyone know of someone who has actually done this? Was it successful?

  6. I have wanted to do this for a long time and now I think im ready. just needed exact instructions (thank you very much)where do I get these forms? it’s incredible how many people are afraid of this corporate thug govern-men t. my soul is free and so am I. thanks for the info. and you can best believe I will spread it as long and as far as I can.

  7. I am planning on doing this in the very near future…..

  8. Has someone completed this process because I have the forms, but just need to make sure I fill it our correctly, thanks? Please someone reply back soon because I need to get these pirates out of my life!

  9. @Love – I haven’t done this myself. My opinion is that this is only for people who are independently wealthy and have their own means of energy and food production, or have income in precious metals or some non-fiat currency. Not having a SS# will make it difficult if not impossible to have things like bank accounts, drivers license, home and car loans etc. So if you really want to unplug from this system you need some way to support yourself outside of the debt based economy. Also I believe if you fail to pay property and income taxes, even without a SS#, you may still be targeted for tax enforcement. Hard to know what goes on in the IRS system- whether not having that ss # truly makes you immune from being processed thru their tax collection system. It’s not a risk I’m willing to take, personally. But I definitely respect anyone with the guts to stop paying into the fraud.

    Since I haven’t done this myself, I can’t vouch for it, although last I heard, the guy who wrote this up and did it himself has not been persecuted for it There are a lot of tracking systems in place that rely on that number and without it things seem to break.

    Basically this is all at your own risk. Good luck!

  10. People do this all the time, especially Moors (and the like). As far as your driver’s license is concerned, all you need is a “Writ to Travel” and file it with your sheriff’s dept. I haven’t become a sovereign yet but I’m really thinking about it.

  11. Yeah, and then get in trouble for filing fraudulent paperwork. Sovereign Citizen = contradiction in terms.

  12. Noble Amaru Khan Bey

    How does the sovereign person expect to house his/her self after eradicating his citizenship?

  13. First let me say, you can do it. All things are possible. This country was formed from a declaration. DECLARE IT

    1. Soveriegn is state of being, it is in definition supreme dominion. So it is hard to claim that status without coming into your full state of consciousness(wich is just your 6th sense) we have 10 senses in order to reach perfection. There is a such thing

    2. This article speaks about removing the sin you were born into Galatians 4 speaks on that.

    3. Becoming a freeman(look up term) takes education. The education you need is understanding nature and humanity, the us dollar bill: it say this note is legal tender for all debt, public and private) now as your self if say to your self if your selling ALL your pants, do you have to put a comma after and say blue and black pairs. Ucc 1-201 google it ( cornell university difinition of bank) What is money and how does it work. Every transaction you do in life is business. So do you have a business personality? Calvin cli

  14. My last comment was not clear, because i was on tablet so my words got squeezed together.

    But the bottom line is most want to know how to make a living and work. Its takes some research but i know for a fact that you can create your own money, just not for the public to use. Private transactions, private currency ( google it start there) remeber they asked Jesus does he not pay taxes, he said to them whos face is on the money they have in there possesion. They said Ceasar, he said render to him whos money you have. That was brillient was to say i have my own money and in God I TRUST. What is a Trust and do you need to be rich to have one?
    Most banks are Trust.

    In the planning for your death you will find life. Ecclesiates 6,

  15. I have read much about this, and I do know that if you get an account at a credit union, you do not have to legally supply a SS#.

    But, my question is, that since I, and my former employers put so much into our SS accounts, why, when terminating them, can we not claim those funds, plus interest that they have been holding for us? It is, after all, our money that they have been holding in “trust.”

  16. Hello. I would like to talk more and I have a few extra questions. If you could please get in touch with me via the email I submitted. Thanks.

  17. This is awesome. Could you explain how debts would be nullified? Is it because our dollar has no gold or silver backing it?

  18. The police constantly pulling me over for nothing. I told them I was not driving I was traveling at the common-law. The police officer ignored me and gave me a ticket for unclear plates and told me I was driving how can I fight them in court and how can I gave back my birth certificate and my Social Security number what is the process that I really have to do and what will really happen to me and my family I really need someone’s help

  19. Oh yeah by the way unclear plates to that officer meant the black bracket around my license plate that the dealership gave me with their phone number on it. Such a petty officer.

  20. Okay, lets take this as it needs to be stated. A “Citizen” belongs to the state, whether there is a capital “C” for a common law citizen, or a small “c”, denoting citizenship awarded under the 14th amendment.

    A “sovereign” is one with full sovereign power. A “Sovereign Individual”, as defined and recognized by the Supreme Court of the united States of America, is one of the “People” a.k.a the founding fathers or the others that fought and won in the revolutionary war, or their “Prosperity”, any of their progeny, or any common law or 14th amendment citizen, who through the compact of the Constitution of the united States of America LENDS any part of their sovereign power to the government.

    An “adhesion contract” is a contract whereby through your acceptance of a benefit, you also LEND or GIVE away another sovereign to those that represent you. When you file for social security, you contract to become a ward of the state, stating you are incompetent to provide for your future needs without it’s interference, and by accepting their matching funds, you contract to pay for that funding with taxes as a corporation.

    However, you are never disclosed that fact. So under UCC 1-207 which was renumbered to 308 to confuse the issue, you did not sign that contract “knowingly, willingly and intentionally” which is required for a contract to be binding, as the “meeting of the minds” element cannot be met without full disclosure of all of the elements of the contract, including your self incrimination to being “incompetent” under the 5th Amendment.

    This is why an “out” is still maintained in the form of an SS revision form to withdraw as a corporation. Such a withdrawal then removes you from the tax system, as the code (Title 26) self defines it’s authority as binding only to 1. Elected Officials, 2. Government employees, -AND- 3. Officers of a Corporation (Which your application for a SS# creates out of you).

    This all boils down to 2 simple issues.

    1. NEVER use the term “Sovereign Citizen”, especially in a public venue (such as this very web page.

    The term is a legal Oxymoron with no standing, which in court will make you look as incompetent as they claim you to be. Always use the term “Sovereign Individual” as the very term itself was coined by, and is fully recognized by, the SCOTuSOA.

    This and puts everyone on notice that you are NOT incompetent.

    2. Be ready to educate yourself to defend that position in the Courts. If you can’t explain the position with reason and precedence, dont take the battle on, as you will do more damage that good to the movement itself. Every withdrawee that cannot show WHY his position is correct, even if it is correct, is labeled as a tax protestor and the buffoons of the world start trying to convince the uneducated masses that the withdrawees position is a scam based on rulings against them, even though those rulings do not say the position IS a scam, but only that the “protestor” was unconvincing in their presentment of evidence, and thus was ruled against…

    In law, it’s not enough to say the sky is blue”, you have to be able to state with convincing corroborative evidence that what they see is “blue”, that everyone sees the same “blue”, and why they should accept the empirical collective evidence of the “opinions” of everybody else, as “lawfully correct”…

    Zac Teneagles
    Posterity United Montana Assembly

  21. i had someone tell me the same thing but urge me not to go forward due to the unpleasantness of the FBI coming to your door. Since the government holds you b-cert for their unlimited credit to other countries in order to fund this one. So in essence you’re removing their money and they don’t take kindly to it at all! I’ve heard horror stories. Yes, you have the right to do this but the patriot act takes the entire constitutional right away when feds start harassing you. Because that is all their citing when you’re speaking what the constitution says. Good luck to anyone who tries and doesn’t have a visit from our friends in government (sarcasm)

  22. Briliant statement
    In god I trust meaning every thing you own if you believe god provided it THEN free of dept . not cesars money or goverments
    Duality worlds :
    1.) one we live by faith in god. we trust ,?money
    2.) Other we. live by dept to cesar ?money

    1.) One. we live as slaves to dept
    2.) Other we live as free to god

    Atitude ,of location ,location,location of mind

    Do you live by faith seeing by vision
    Live by blindness led into poverty dept .

    Citizenship is a state of mind and physical journey of paper document contracts to serve and protect ?military wuote

    Citizen ship of born free walk by spirit the soul journey

    If. You believe god provided it then no one can take it from god as he gave it to you

    If you believe cesar goverment gave it the thief comes to steel it as it not yours but cesars .?

    Your treasure is in spirit NOT Earth
    Spend the heavenly treasure only it safer

    All power is in the feelings of the heart as choices made in spending it via hope love faith.
    Ingrediance of foundation of house you build or future
    Livevthe life of the free person not the bondage

  23. Christine Hodge

    Wow! I love this shit…the deeper it goes the more it glows! exciting TIMES! The truth finally shines and IM remembering that I am divine and have been trapped for such a long time. CANT wait to be set free and manifest health and life for those who need. A break from the strife! EQUal and free…and the best part…this is for eternity! We are only in the beginning! Evolve and change the world with me! Can NOT WAIT TO NAME MYSELF!

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