I told you not to drink that crap when you were pregnant

Posted on November 3rd, 2010 Admin

Danish population study shows link between diet soda consumption and pre-term birth.

(Natural News) Regular consumption of artificial sweeteners by pregnant women may increase their risk of premature birth, according to a study funded by the European Union and published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Researchers interviewed almost 60,000 pregnant Danish women about their soft-drink consumption, then compared these data with the results of the women’s births. They found that drinking one can of diet soda per day increased her risk of giving birth prematurely by 38 percent compared with women who never drank diet soda. Drinking four or more of the beverages per day increased the risk of preterm birth by 78 percent.

A preterm birth is defined as taking place before the 38th week of pregnancy.

No connection was found between sugared soda consumption and premature birth, suggesting that artificial sweeteners may be playing a role in the effect. The researchers suggested that premature births may be triggered in part by the neurotoxin methanol, which is generated by some artificial sweeteners. Sweeteners may also generate formaldehyde, another known toxin.

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I’ll move this rant down below cause I’m not trying to make this all about myself, but my blood is boiling right now so I’ll tell you about my personal experience with methanol pop and pregnancy..

I literally BEGGED my (now x) wife when she was pregnant with our son to stop consuming diet coke.  The “compromise” we arrived at was to reduce it to 1 can per day.  Luckily he wasn’t premature but the toxic effects of methanol and formaldehyde are well known so it would be foolish to assume it had no effect.

It was as obvious to me then as it is now that pregnant women should not consume the stuff at all.  Nobody should, but when you hold someone else’s future in your hand/womb, please try to use common sense.   I know the phenylalanine in it is addictive, but you can quit, especially if it means protecting your baby and placenta from methanol and formaldehyde.

Being vindicated by this study is no consolation at all.  I’m just sorry for my son that I wasn’t able to confince his mom to do the right thing.  He’s totally healthy, but I find it pathetic that some women don’t want to give their children every possible advantage in life.  Diet coke is disgusting, and has no redeeming value.  Aspartame is addictive and poisonous and was rammed thru the FDA by some nasty political maneuvering on the part of president Ronald Reagan and Monsanto/Searle.

So congratulations.  I told you and you refused to listen.  You put our kid at risk for some tangy chemical soda, and mark my words, increased preterm birth risk is only the tip of the iceberg when poisoning a fetus with methanol and formaldehyde.  We may not know the impact of what you did for years. We may never know.  Hope it was worth it!

Note to other expecting parents:  Formaldehyde is what we use to embalm DEAD babies. We don’t feed it to the live ones.

Here’s a documentary about it:

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