Intense chemtrail coverage in Southern Michigan

Posted on October 12th, 2010 Admin

Apparently today atmospheric conditions are right for persistent chemtrail formation.

With our flag aptly being flown at half mast under a sky of chemically seeded clouds, I had to stop and take a few pics this morning.

Look, people… THESE ARE NOT NATURAL CLOUDS.  Look at how they’re all in straight lines, not fluffy and random. My 6 year old picked up on the difference on his own the other day, but can you?  Are you awake?


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  1. 10/25/2010 Chemtrails Dearborn, Allenpark,and Metro airport 6:25 pm . 6 planes Low and High. Major dousing of the tri county area

  2. Hello I live in FlatRock Mi this morning right now they are spraying and yesterday. My friends and family think I’m nuts they wont even look . God I wish that was the case, but am afraid not. I’m looking for others who believe this I feel alone and helpless no one to talk to. Anyone living in the downriver area have a group or something regaurding these things I’d love to be a part of it I don’t want to sit and pretend this isn’t happening anymore and I’d like to meet others who are awaking up to what’s really happening.

  3. Nelly,
    Wednesday in Novi the sky was filed with chemtrails. It will rain on Thurs/Friday to wash the poisons down plus it will be windy. A very ominous trail is darker than most. It has to be deadly.
    This is no accident. You are not alone. The signs are obvious and becoming more apparent, some do not see it or want to realize the significance of it.
    These trails are all over, Florida, Michigan and all heavily populated areas.
    Look at the “500,000,000 population” that is the
    goal that the “one world government has.

  4. I have noticed these trails for many years but didn’t know what they were until recently. My eyes have been opened and this has got to stop. There are many people I know who never had allergies all their lives, and all the sudden they have them. Espcially seasonal allergies..I am one of them. Does anyone know how to protect ourselves from this? Wearing masks perhaps? Or staying in the house and buying a air filtration system?

  5. I’m glad to see people in MI are noticing CT and better yet, reporting it. Please check out various States in search with words
    ‘skywatch’ after it. Another good site is air crap dot com…and ‘weather modification’.
    PLEASE REPORT MORE. WE’RE reporting on this crap every day here in CA. Have you seen video WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING?

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