Israel and U.S. jointly target Sweden in propaganda blitzkrieg

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By Wayne Madsen
Sep 10, 2009, 00:20

(WMR) — After the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet published an expose of the Israeli Defense Forces harvesting the organs from young Palestinians killed by its forces in the West Bank, Israel’s propaganda machine, which has its tentacles in the world’s largest media companies and the Pentagon, went to work on demonizing Sweden.

Our sources in Finland report that Finnish television is stating that Israel’s Mossad was behind the hijacking of the Maltese-flagged, Russian-crewed, and Russo-Finnish chartered ”Arctic Sea” in Swedish territorial waters. The charter firm is Solchart Arkhangelsk Ltd. of Helsinki. The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office Investigation Committee says it is cooperating with authorities in Malta, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, and Sweden on the hijacking of the “Arctic Sea.” Israel is noticeably absent from the list of cooperating countries.

The timing of the Israeli piracy operation was to divert attention away from the Swedish media coverage of the organ theft story and get an additional bang out of claiming that the ship, which was carrying Finnish timber from Pietarssari, Finland, to Algeria, was carrying S-300 missiles to Iran. The Mossad-influenced media outlets, including Rupert Murdoch’s Sunday Times of London, and the UK’s Daily Telegraph, are spinning the story that the S-300 missiles were loaded onto the Arctic Sea in Kaliningrad, a Russian enclave on the Baltic Sea, that represents only one of three nations in the Baltic that remain outside of NATO: Russia, Sweden, and Finland. It is no coincidence that the Israeli propaganda machine is accusing Finland of being involved in the missile transfer and Sweden permitting its territorial waters to be used in the ship’s voyage to Algeria.

The Israeli-influenced media are reporting that the “Arctic Sea” consorted with organized crime elements in Kaliningard to effect the transfer of the missiles. However, the Israelis are not commenting on reports that the “Arctic Sea’s” hijackers, ethnic Russians from Russia, Latvia, and Estonia, have been linked to “Mishpucka” (Jewish mafia) circles in Eastern Europe. Israel is obviously concerned that their role in the ship’s hijacking will come out in the Moscow trial of their eight organized crime-linked hijackers and shine a light on the close connections between the Mossad and the Mishpucka in Eastern Europe.

The hijackers have been identified as Estonian nationals and residents Yevgeniy Mironov, Aleksey Buleyev, Dmitriy Bartenev, Igor Borisov, Andrey Lunev and Aleksey Andryushin, and Latvian residents Vitaliy Lepin and Dmitriy Savin.

Sweden and Finland, in addition to having no desire to join NATO, have also voiced sympathy for the plight of the Palestinians. Aftonbladet and Sweden were accused of being “anti-Semitic,” a familiar mantra from the Israelis when their human rights policies are criticized. The Swedish government rejected a demand by Israeli expansionist Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to condemn the Aftonbladet report on organ harveting and trafficking by the Israelis.

Israel’s ambassador in Stockholm, Benny Dagan, when asked by a Swedish reporter why Israel did not investigate the Aftonbladet report on organ harvesting, replied with an unusual answer: “Why don’t we investigate why the Mossad and the Jews were behind the bombing of the twin towers?”

Based on Israel’s past false flag and organized crime syndicate operations, both investigations may have merit.

Israel turned up the heat on Sweden. Aftonbladet’s editor Jan Helin was accused of being a “Nazi.” Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt was disinvited from visiting Israel. The whining from Israel and its echo chambers in the corporate media came amid other shots fired from the Israelis against Ireland’s former President and UN Human Rights Commissioner Mary Robinson over her being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama, Norway for its policy of disinvesting in Israeli firms, Swedish aid to the Palestinians, and former Finnish President and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Martti Ahtisaari for calling for Hamas to be included in the Middle East peace talks, and Scotland for releasing a Libyan agent convicted of bombing Pan Am 103 to Libya.

Israeli and American Jewish right-wing commentators have hurled contempt on the Celtic and Nordic nations, regardless of their liberal and social democratic traditions, complaining that they are all rife with anti-Semites and support terrorism. The Celtics and Nordics got a taste from the Israelis of what is usually dished out to the Slavics. Sweden came in for the most abuse from the Israeli propaganda circles.

It should come as no surprise that of all the charities operating in the Kabul region, that it was a Swedish charity-run hospital in Shaniz, south of the Afghan capital, that was stormed by U.S. troops on September 6. The Swedish Committee for Afghanistan stated that U.S. forces tied up hospital staff members and the visiting relatives of patients. The Americans smashed doors and searched hospital wards looking for “Taliban.” The incursion violated international laws and agreements on the inviolability of hospitals and medical staff in war zones but exactly mirrors Israeli tactics in Gaza and the West Bank.

There are a number of Pentagon holdovers from the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld neocon clique who “Israelized” U.S. military and security policies in Iraq and Afghanistan and are obviously still calling the shots.

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