It’s not the New World Order you’re expecting

Posted on April 1st, 2009 Admin

Contrary to what you may have heard in the corporate media, the world government that the elite are selling us is not the world government we’re going to get.  The bankers and the royalty have other plans for their cattle.

In all of history, have the bankers and royalty ever been known to rule over their subjects in a fair and just manner, and distribute wealth equally?  Have they ever allowed populations to be free and raise their children in peace?  What makes you think they’re going to start now? Shall we turn over all the remaining power to them by allowing them to form a world government, run by and for the international banking elite and royal families?

Next time you hear any of the financial or political elite refer to a “New World Order,” or as Obama puts it “the kind of World Order I think we’d all like to see” Please remember this anti-Nazi (albeit racist) Walt Disney WW2 propaganda cartoon.  Notice the part about “We bring the world new order.”

Prescott Bush (Union Banking Co) was one of the top 5 financiers of the Nazi party during WW2.  He was charged with “trading with the enemy” and attempted to stage a military coup in the US, but somehow avoided prosecution.  Do we think its a coincidence that his descendants are always going on about a New World Order and constantly bombing the crap out of one nation or another?   Do you really think Obama’s “World Order” is anything different?

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