Jumping on the poison tap water SE0 bandwagon

Posted on August 6th, 2010 Admin

Poison tap water in the US: is it poisonous or not? of course!  They’re actually putting poison in our tap water.

The phrase  “Poison tap water” made it to the top of google’s up and coming search terms list the other day. However over-simplified it is, it’s a good sign that people are actually starting to think about why they’re adding poison…. to the tap water, to make….. POISON TAP WATER.

This post has no real value other than   5-e-4-r-c-h—3-n-g-1-n-3—-0-p-t-i-m-1-z-4-t-;-0-n

For actual information on this subject please see all articles with the “water fluoridation” tag, for starters.


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  1. does a Brita filter take out the flouride

  2. am i gona die

  3. yes

  4. does this have anything to do with the coming singularity

  5. maybe. but you’ll notice i’m pulling digg and reddit comments onto the blog posts automatically now: http://qbit.cc/jumping-on-the-poison-tap-water-se0-bandwagon/

  6. fantastical

  7. oh this is bad now. it’s piling up duplicate comments. deactivated

  8. no

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