Late-term forced abortions coming soon to a country near you

Posted on November 5th, 2010 Admin

China forces woman into abortion at EIGHT months for breaching one-child policy

Are you ready for this to begin in the West..?  Coercive and forced population control has happened in many western countries, including the US.  China’s brutal one child policy has been praised liberally by western eco-zealots, social darwinists, eugenicists, royalty, and their foundation-funded academic toadies.  Our little carbon monsters are next in the crosshairs.  We’re already being slow-killed and sterilized, but just wait a few years for the real kill-off.

Who are we to judge the Chinese Government, though?  We perform late-term abortions willingly in the West.  As individuals, we can try to bring some awareness to this and reduce our consumption of cheap imports from China as much as possible, buying domestic, local, quality made stuff from reputable companies, and not supporting a system that literally eats babies (caution, graphic) and renders executed prisoners’ collagen for make-up.

A change in the focus of China’s industry would go a long way toward taking the pressure off the Chinese people by allowing them to invest their assets and time in their own society, rather than manfacturing products for us that we should manufacture ourselves.

(DailyMail) – An eight-months pregnant woman was dragged from her home and forced to have an abortion because she had broken China’s one-child-per-family law.

Twelve government officials entered Xiao Aiying’s house where they hit and kicked her in the stomach, before taking her kicking and screaming to hospital.

There, the 36-year-old was restrained as doctors injected her with a drug to kill the unborn baby. Read More Here

While I’m on the subject, we’re a bunch of suckers and morons for letting corporations ship most of our manufacturing infrastructure overseas.  If the Chinese are smart, they will shift their (formerly our) manufacturing toward supporting their own domestic markets.  They’re already starting to do this by reducing rare earth metal exports.

Most of what we “produce” here in the US now amounts to financial fraud, bureaucracy, and of course weapons and war.  Unfortunately, the rest of the world is finding it rather difficult to refuse to import these “goods.”

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