“Law of Attraction” and “The Secret” are elitist disinformation

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Anyone who’s been involved with independent journalism for a while has seen a lot of disinfo artists come and go over the years.  We can all agree no one is going to achieve a well rounded and informed political view via the corporate media, but the Internet and alternative media are also awash with corporate public relations and government psych warfare agents, and propaganda sock puppets, so discernment is essential to not be led down the wrong path.

Unfortunately there’s a big steaming piece of disinfo that I thought we put to bed which is making the rounds again, called the Law of Attraction.   You may have seen the video called The Secret on YouTube, or read the book.  I had a few friends send me links so I watched it and found it to be rife with faulty logic, but it goes far beyond just being incorrect.  This time someone sent me an audio series called Your Wish is Your Command, which is The Secret dressed up in a more conspiratorial tone with some references to secret societies and elite agendas,  but essentially the same idea.

The premise of the Law of Attraction is this:  Whatever you think about in your mind will manifest itself in reality.  We’re not just talking about the very real and profound effect a person’s mental attitude can have on their life, health, and others’ perception of them.  This takes it several steps further into the realm of superstition, occultism, magic, and general hokus pokus. Thru some unexplained cosmic force, if you visualize things in your mind they will come true, and of course if you don’t visualize things this will cost you dearly, because you’re obviously not visualizing correctly.  They apply this to any and all aspects of life, including seemingly random events.  Don’t have a billion dollars? It’s cause you’re not visualizing it.  Hair falling out?  You must be visualizing baldness.  Cancer? Your fault.  Meteor fall out of the sky and crash into your house? You manifested that by your negative thinking.

I can’t stress enough the importance of having a positive attitude.  Self-confidence and charisma go a long way in this world, and on the flip side of that, why should anyone trust you or want to work with you or be your friend, if you yourself don’t think you’re worth it?  But let’s face it, attitude is not everything.  The universe does not revolve around you.  Someone born into poverty with a 75 IQ who suffered lead and mercury poisoning as a child is not going to be solving the world’s energy problems and become a billionaire tycoon, no matter how hard they visualize it. Forrest Gump is just a movie.  If a bolt of lightning comes out of the sky and strikes you dead, it’s no more your own fault than it is God’s fault.  The Law of Attraction is an elitist, superstitious blame-the-victim mentality that only a person who’s had their life handed to them on a silver platter could come up with.

One reason the elite have piles of money and power is because over generations, their families have set up a scam we call “fractional reserve banking” and leveraged this power to enslave the underclass.  Class privilege is a self-perpetuating system, partly because children and families who do not receive proper care and nutrition suffer genetic damage which reduces their intellect, and their children’s intellect.  It’s possible for someone to be an exception to this rule, but overall the system is set up to preserve class boundaries and it’s very difficult for a serf to rise to nobility.  The highest priority of elite power is to preserve the power within their own families, which gives rise to institutionalized class warfare like eugenics and fractional reserve banking- both scientifically designed to preserve and concentrate power in the hands of the ruling class. While some small percentage of people can rise to wealth and power in this system from nothing, everyone can’t.  It’s a numbers game.  Not everyone can win the lottery.

This is the real secret, not some magical method of visualizing and mainfesting desires they use in their super-human elite brains. Their power exists because it was handed to them, not because they magically made it appear by knowing The Secret.  People are enslaved by a financial system that was built specifically for this purpose, not merely because they see themselves as slaves.  The real “secret” people need to wise up to is the fractional reserve banking fraud, not this superstitious nonsense.

So instead of blaming yourself for lack of visualization skills, visualize this: Work hard, discipline yourself, have a good attitude, and be willing to defend your rights.  Sitting there visualizing a billion dollars or a beautiful husband or wife will get you nowhere without taking action.

How to spot disinformation, or “The Seven Laws of BS”

1- Anything that hypes itself up in long scrolling web pages, without getting right to the point is probably trying to sell you something.

2- Be skeptical of anyone who emphasizes the truthiness of their message over the actual content. Facts and logic speak for themselves.

3- Repetition is the most basic form of mind control.

4-  If an idea makes logical sense, there should be no need for insults and ridicule to get the point across.

5- Rat poison is 99% tasty food.

6- Experiments should be repeatable. Evidence is not evident unless you can see/hear/touch/read it yourself.

7- Journalism that fails to cite sources should be taken as a grain of salt.


9 Responses to ““Law of Attraction” and “The Secret” are elitist disinformation”

  1. Dude, Its not that bad. It’s just an exercise to program the muscle in your head. I never thought of that stuff as tapping into the “ether”, simply an exercise to put your brain into a good positive state. It’s amazing how other human animals can sense this and react to us differently (presumable in a more positive way). Isn’t it better that the angry and bitter of us read this material and at least try to stop being dicks? you cant pitch this to the masses is your logical way. They wont take the bait. You need some story or hook to convince people (obviously not us) and if that story doesn’t hurt anyone, and other people benefit personally, why knock it?

  2. Thank you. Finally someone points out what a wicked piece of trash the “secret” is. The Secret tries to tear apart basic thinking and understanding known as cause and effect, and replace it with wishing. The most absurd example of this is in the movie when they say that the reason bills come to your mailbox is because you dwell on bills. No, this is plain stupid. Bills come because you signed up for services that send bills, such as your cell phone or water. People that believe this garbage will stop trying to think and act for themselves and go on accepting suffering and increased control of their lives. I read this book after a boss told me to. I resigned the job when I finished.

  3. The author’s logic is on very loose screws. Without being aware that brain energy is electro-magnetic it is easy to debunk anything and everything. Just ridiculing the theory doesn’t do the job. Where is the scientific back-up for doing so?

  4. The ‘Secret’ wraps the basically ‘good idea’ of positive thinking into a lot of scientological hullaballoo. Not religious, but the bible says ‘ask and you shall receive’. Then you have kharma and dharma. You have the golden rule.

    All of this is well and good and generally works provided that the people you are dealing with aren’t consciously trying to f#*% you.

    Now its true that the brain is an electro-magnetic machine of sorts that we don’t fully understand, but the folks down at ‘the secret’ don’t understand it better either.

  5. On some points, I am in total agreement with you, regarding LOA. It is NOT a universal law or principle – as it’s snake oil salesmen claim – but rather a cobbled-together system that ignores extremely important components of universal principles, as recognized by the ancients in texts like the Kybalion. You fail to mention, however, that there is more to manifestation than simply “wishing” as you have stated here. The key is energy and the visualization includes the energy of how one would feel, if the object of our need and desire was already in our lives. The whole point of LOA is alignment of energy, which is supposed to draw more of the same to you, by acting like a type of cosmic magnet. However, you have pointed out quite correctly another deception that we have been fed – we can do anything that we set our minds to, which is false and purposely misleading. You will never see a female in a championship bout of MMA, fighting against men on an equal level, for example, any more than an 75 IQ person can enter med school and become a practicing physician.

  6. The entire “secret” and “LoA” bullshit is based on a fundamental attribution error. If you go into a job interview thinking you’re going to get the job you’ll be much more confident than if you go in thinking you’ll fall on your face. Confidence is a positive trait so the interviewer will consider you more than someone who was nervous/anxious/uncomfortable or didn’t present themselves well. The smart person walks out and says, “hey, I acted confident and it paid off!” the idiot goes, “hey, the ‘secret’ works!”

    This is a great way to keep people in their shitty lives thinking about having a better life while never taking a step to improve their situation. If it’s not elite disinfo then it is just more metaphysical/new age woo woo nonsense made to sell books.

    Seriously the entire “secret” could be summed up in one sentence: think positive and you’ll be happier in everything you do.

    Anyone want to buy my movies and books now? Probably not since it’s not a “secret” but common sense!

  7. The heart is somewhere around 500% more electro magnetic then the brain (cannot remember the site I read this at but certainly can be searched out). My point is, where does the heart come into play when seeking to ‘manifest’ or gain higher spiritual awareness. Is your article completely debunking the spirit of Man as well as the resources you mention? By the way, I think K. Trudeau (your wish is your command) is a tool of ill-repute who has found a way of making ‘his dream come true’ with a network marketing ploy.

  8. Sed, I have no intention of dismissing the spiritual side of man. There is more to consciousness than meets the eye. Even direct scientific observation gives us some very tantalizing glimpses into unknown phenomena. For example: the two-slit experiment, quantum tunneling, teleportation, superposition of states, etc. Every particle in the universe is connected to every other particle thru gravity. I do not have all the answers. All I’m saying is LoA does not ring true for me and always seems to be accompanied by a hard sell for a book or cds. Superstition is as old as the hills and it’s pathological.

    I don’t have anything against Kevin Trudeau. He may even believe what he’s saying. I just think it’s incorrect. The Secret on the other hand is just plain idiotic and deceitful.

  9. Hi !

    I agree on the fact that this book seems like a simplified magic book that is only destined to the wealthy classes of society. However, I personally decided to give it a chance by going further, and trying to understand its fundamental ideas. Despite my being skeptical, I learnt many things about the law of attraction, and I must say that I saw several results that were not only due to my good will and positive attitude. In fact I realized that applying this law on a daily basis for years has dramatically improved my life in several fields. The whole thing must be conceived as a long term process, not a series of magic formula for rich dummies. The principle of this process has been described through the ages in so many ways, in the different areas of this world, and Rhonda Byrne (the author) is merely willing at simplifying and summarizing them in order to make them accessible to the majority, including the ones that are greatly disadvantaged by our society (society that I personally think is completely wrong).

    The aim of this book is not a general brainwash. It’s rather an opening of consciousness, and giving some keys to improve yourself and your life profoundly. Its force is precisely the freedom of interpretation that it grants to its readers. In fact, the main message is love and abundance for everyone. These principles, when they are truly understood, give the chance for the humanity to change the world in an astonishing way.

    I truly recommend the discovering of this way of thinking. Not The Secret in particular (for its way of explaining things is not everyone’s cup of tea !), but the law of attraction, gratitude, love…all the topics of the book that were studied by a lot of writers, philosophers and scientists (I’ll let you find these names on Google haha). Trust me, making room for all these values in your life is a great relief and actually a real pleasure. It is also the only way to truly understand their meaning, but also your life and yourself.

    Peace, T.

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