Lindsay Lohan’s Satanic/Masonic photo shoot

Posted on August 6th, 2010 Admin

Pics via Vigilant/NY Post

Photos from Lohan’s “6126” clothing line: (6126 =  (6, ((1+2)*2), 6) = 6,6,6.

Here she rubs her ass against a deer-skull-headed-mannequin-thing resembling Baphomet, while her young male suitor looks on, wearing a cross necklace and holding a peacock on a tray.

Baphomet is gratified sexually while the Christian has his “cock” on a tray and gets no attention from her. He’s being initiated into the Masonic order and has one shoe removed, as Masons do in their initiation and promotion ceremonies.  She entices the viewer to the dark side with her finger in her mouth.
Lohan with Baphomet


Below, Lohan sits on a piece of Masonic furniture with her head at the emanation point of the light (Lucifer is the light bearer).  One hand up, one down perhaps referencing Baphomet and masturbation.  The emanating rays are an ancient Egyptian and Masonic symbol of the sun.

Lohan on Masonic furniture

Note the the 2 pillars, a Masonic symbol, and M with what appears to be a Masonic compass in the blue emblem.

Is the “evil-is-sexy” theme that pervades western media motivated by a hidden agenda.  or are the corporations innocently marketing to their evil demographic?  The general public likes being told what to think, and is too mesmerized to imagine anything outside the corporate-controlled culture, but I refuse to believe that the majority of us are inherently evil.

Defense contractor General Electric  which owns NBC stands to profit if there are more kids out there that grow up thinking evil is sexy and cool, because evil people are more likely to join the military, due to the fact that evil people relish in the suffering of others.  What better place to inflict suffering on others than in the military?

NBC doesn’t own Lindsay Lohan but you get my point.  She’s actually owned by ABC7/Disney  and Casablanca/Vivendi/Universal [more Satanic Disney stuff].

The elite need selfish, evil people to do their dirty work, at least for the time being.  But since many of these people haven’t had their consciences fully extinguished, it’s important that they not bemade aware that they’re being used as pawns for an evil agenda. That’s where the controlled corporate media comes in.  Naturally, media is a sound, long-term investment for military industrial complex corporations that rely on brainwashed cannon fodder for their sustainance.

Obviously not everyone in the military is evil, but you must admit killing women and children for oil and drugs is pretty evil.  If there truly was an immediate threat to this country,  I would be the first one to enlist, but I’m not going to into a meat grinder for GE and Halliburton, so don’t go off half-cocked thinking I hate America.

These hollywood idols needs to find find out what they’re a part of.


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  1. This article is interesting considering she has just been tweeting about a freemason stalking her after going out partying the Marilyn Manson at the weekend, who is a suspected freemason!

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