LulzSec AZ release shows US Military grenade launchers ended up in the hands of “criminal elements” near Mexico-US border

Posted on July 11th, 2011 Admin

Private documents recently exposed by hacking group LulzSec have illustrated that selling weapons to foreign entities, especially drug gangs, will inevitably come back to bite us later.  But of course we have to constantly be meddling in the affairs of Central/South America because our own government wants to keep shipping in massive quantities of drugs.   This is at the root of the problem.  There is too much money being made.  (Read Dark Alliance by Gary Webb, watch “The Mena Connection,” for starters)

From an ATF internal memo to AZ law enforcement:

“Numerous recoveries by Mexican authorities of M203 style 40 mm Grenade Launchers as well as a variety of 40mm high explosive (HE) ordnance, from criminal elements on or near the International Border with the United States.”

So basically, AZ Police better watch out because the Federal Government is selling guns, including .50 cal and grenade launchers to narco gangs south of the border (See here and here)

This is the war we should be fighting- guarding the border against grenade and machine gun attacks by drug gangs which have already claimed the lives of police and border patrol agents.

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