Mainstream media now citing ridiculous junk science to discredit omega-3s

Posted on September 1st, 2010 Admin

(NaturalNews) A study out of the Netherlands has put the mainstream media in a mindless tizzy about the health effects of omega-3 fatty acids. Because a group of people fed four teaspoons of omega-3-enriched margarine a day for more than three years did not experience a reduction in heart events, many media outlets are foolishly reporting that omega-3s are not as beneficial as commonly believed.

Margarine, as many people now know, is a synthetic, hydrogenated food product that is actually not a food at all. It is a product composed of synthetic trans-fatty acids that are highly toxic and harmful to health. Margarine is exactly the type of substance that causes heart attacks and cardiovascular illness, making it ridiculous to include as part of a health study.

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Quite a different take on it than TIME magazine.  The first comment must have come from Natural News:

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