Map of government takedown requests issued to Google/Youtube

Posted on April 21st, 2010 Admin

Google has created a map page indicating the number of takedown requests received from various countries around the world.  It’s a positive step toward transparency but now if we could just have a description of what was taken down… like the BBC video reporting the collapse of WTC7 20 minutes early.   Trying to keep that little gem from going viral proved futile.  They were taking videos down as fast as they could be uploaded and finally gave up.

The truth will come out and we won’t be silenced.  Actually, scratch that.  I can recall one instance where they actually did permanently and completely eliminate a video from all social video sites.  It was Illuminati henchman Donald Rumsfeld saying “The missile that hit the pentagon.”  I saw that video myself but didn’t save it.  Wish I did, cause they flushed it down a memory hole.  All that remains are written transcripts. If anyone  has a copy of that video I’d be eternally grateful for it.

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