Michigan senators expected votes on HB 4961 toll privatization scam

Posted on May 28th, 2010 Admin

How the Senate stands on DRIC (Detroit-Canada bridge expansion) and  HB 4961.
In the case of a tie, Lt. Gov Cherry would vote in favor:

Republicans Democrats
Supporting: None

Leaning against: Garcia, Nofs, Pappageorge, Sanborn

Opposing: Brown, Cassis, Cropsey, George, Jelinek

Undecided: Allen, Bishop, Gilbert, Hardiman, Jansen, Richardville

Not returning messages: Birkholz, Kahn, Kuipers, McManus, Patterson, Stamas, Van Woerkom

Supporting: Anderson, Basham, Clarke (with benefit conditions for Detroiters), Jacobs, Prusi, Switalski

Leaning toward supporting: Whitmer

Opposing: Gleason, Olshove

Undecided: Scott

Not returning messages: Barcia, Brater, Cherry, Clark-Coleman, Thomas

Declining to comment: Hunter

Source: Gongwer interviews

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