Missouri University of Science and Technology attempts to paint file-sharers as mentally ill, recommends snooping software be deployed

Posted on May 19th, 2012 Admin

Dr. Sriram Chellappan of Missouri University of Science and Technology recommends monitoring students’ file sharing behavior with spyware to identify signs of “mental disorders.”


Proactively discovering depressive symptoms from passive and unobtrusive Internet usage monitoring:

Using the correlating Internet usage features derived in our study, we are currently attempting to build a classifier to proactively discover depressive symptoms among students by passive, unobtrusive and run-time monitoring of their Internet usage. The classifier can be readily deployed at campus settings to discover depressive symptoms among students. If privacy is a concern, it is straightforward to deploy the classifier into students’ personal computers also. Privacy is implicit,and the student can voluntarily seek support services. We believe that such an approach will significantly improve both the quality and timeliness of detection and treatment of mental disorders today.

According to the paper, if use p2p file sharing networks you may be mentally ill and need treatment.  Let me guess what this treatment would involve: Anti-depressants, amphetamines, and therapy by one of the school’s commie social worker therapists? After all, they wouldn’t want any brainwashed slaves-in-training to have access to unapproved information from the underground p2p networks that might interfere with their “education.”

The Internet usage monitoring spyware they have developed represents a fusion of medical nanny state surveillance with copyright enforcement.  I’d bet money that government, copyright lobby, elite foundations, or some combination thereof funded this abomination.

Remember, every time you download a copyrighted file, God kills a kitten, because file sharing is terrorism.

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