More Boston photos of a guy rummaging thru a bag; shootout and arrest of supposed suspects

Posted on April 19th, 2013 Admin

Another image montage from 4chan shows someone with a black shirt rummaging thru a bag or doing something on the ground within a few feet of the blast sites.

Meanwhile FBI claim these 2 are the real suspects.  Shootout at MIT has reportedly resulted in one death with another suspect still at large.

Sure would be nice if we could trust our government not to run black ops on us and parade out patsies on the news.  But unfortunately history has shown that is not realistic.

These are the guys I’d like to talk to.

At a minimum, the presence of these Navy-Seal/special forces looking guys, combined with the announcement of drills and people being told to remain calm, controlled explosions, etc etc shows foreknowledge.  It’s usually far worse than foreknowledge though, since most large-scale terror attacks in the past 100 years have been false flag black ops.

People are losing confidence in the narratives put out by our corporate-controlled government and their lapdog media in situations like this, so it only makes things worse when they fail to release any surveillance footage or real evidence that a suspect is guilty while at the same time asking the public for help apprehending them.  Why should the public help you do anything?

To name a few other incidents we have yet to see any surveillance footage, but we know it exists – Sandy Hook,  Supposed Bin Laden raid in Pakistan, the Pentagon on 9/11, and the OKC federal building.  We know footage exists of these events, somewhere, but we’ll never see it.  Why? Because they’re a bunch of liars and none of those events went down how we were told.

Giving the government absolute power is far more dangerous than having a couple of militant muslim pipe bombers on the loose. We have 2 options. Either live with these random acts of violence and have a well-armed, concerned and involved public who will do a good job of preventing most of these attacks, or have a giant national security state conducting proctology exams on every street corner, and ultimately be marched into slave camps and furnaces.  That’s how it works.

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  1. Yet another well designed incidence that smells of a 9/11 type script. Don’t believe anything the press reports its all Hollywood. However it does give cause for public safety concern does it not?. Look out for another such terrorist act on home soil not in the to distant future, followed by even more tightening of the freedom laws in the name of stopping this new home soil terrorism. It had to come to home soil because the time is ripe. All perpetuated by yours trully the CIA. How long are you people going to believe your media and politicians. They are hitting you emotionally. Listen to your hearts not your media.

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