More unusual radar rings and circles

Posted on April 4th, 2011 Admin

From Dutchsince on YouTube

Stationary rings become apparent when viewed over time, since they don’t move with the wind.   HAARP is an RF emitter, but i’m not convinced it’s the source of these large rings, and certainly not the circles that are centered around major metropolitan areas.

HAARP has square ground based RF antenna arrays they use to ionize parts of the upper atmosphere, creating plasma which can be swept up in the earth’s magnetic field and travel to different parts of the globe.  I have no reason to think that charged particles zooming in space around the earth’s irregularly-shaped magnetic field would come back down in a perfect ring.  It could be that there is a HAARP ground station at the center of that ring, but the only station I know of is in Alaska.

What type of radar source would produce a ring shaped beam? Or is this just an due to a sensitivity threshold in the sensor, or interaction between RF photons and water molecules or other aerosols in the air?    If there are any radar experts out there who would care to comment please feel free.

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