MSNBC Host Admits To Parroting White House Talking Points

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Brzezinski reads from file of Obama instructions on BP oil spill

Steve Watson
Monday, Jun 21st, 2010

MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski admitted on air this morning that she was repeating White House talking points she had been advised to include in the channel’s news programming regarding the ongoing BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Morning Joe co-host was repeatedly seen looking down and carefully studying written notes as she engaged in a debate with former GE CEO Jack Welch, an outspoken critic of the government’s reaction to the disaster.

In response to each portion of Welch’s analysis, Brzezinski poured over the notes and read allowed from the script in front of her, defending the government’s response.

When it became blatantly obvious what Brzezinski was doing, Joe Scarborough jumped in:

“you keep reading these… you keep reading these… these…”

“White House talking points.” said Brzezinski, finishing his sentence.

“You keep reading these talking points,” Scarborough continued, “but there is no evidence whatsoever, from looking through all the evidence, that they had from the very beginning, that they had for the first 56 days a concerted plan and a war room to fix this.”

Later on during the discussion, after announcing she had some “interesting news” on the latest oil flow rate estimates, Brzezinski struggled to contain laughter as Welch quipped “oh, you’ve got some more talking points on that?”

“Do you want to know why I have a file that I’ve been working on with the White House—and I’ll be very transparent about that?” Brzezinski, said.

“Because of your friend Rudy Giuliani who came here last week spewing out a whole bunch of nothing.”

It seems that following that interview with Giuliani, in which he was overtly critical of the White House handling of the spill, Mika, the daughter of Trilateral Commission co-founder and and former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, was called to “work with the White House” on oil spill talking points.

Watch the video:

This is clearly part of the tightly controlled PR output on the spill that Obama has instituted in the wake of the initial slow response.

This isn’t the first time the corporate networks have prostituted their integrity and handed over control of their content to the Obama administration. Back in June of last year, ABC News mimicked the likes of Communist China and North Korea by completely turning its news coverage over to the government and excluding any dissenting opinions to promote Obama’s health care agenda.

The news coverage was complemented later in the year by political propaganda “organically” woven into the plots and storylines of prime time network television shows. These are just the cases we know about.

The fact that corporate TV outlets are openly writing scripts and editing entertainment and news content to incorporate government propaganda, added to the fact that they act like this is some kind of wonderful service to the American people, is a damning indictment of just how deep the alphabet soup networks are in the pocket of the establishment.

It also underscores exactly why they are losing viewers to the Internet and alternative media at an alarming speed while hypocritically attacking the alternative media for being untrustworthy.

We’ll leave it to the reader to decide for themselves. Who’s the most trustworthy? The muckraking blogger or the legions of corporate media whores who brazenly hand over their editorial control to the government and then celebrate the fact as if it’s a major achievement?

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