Susan G. Komen Buckets for the Cure program exposed: The buckets you buy make no difference

Posted on April 28th, 2010 Admin

Wednesday, April 28, 2010
by Mike Adams

natural health(NaturalNews) The whole push behind the new “Buckets for the Cure” pinkwashing campaign by Komen for the Cure is to convince people to buy more fried chicken (which is laced with MSG, by the way) in order to “end breast cancer forever.” (…


But NaturalNews has learned that there is no relationship between how many buckets of chicken are purchased by consumers and how much money KFC donates to Komen for the Cure. Consumer purchases of fried chicken don’t raise money for anything!

As is stated directly on the Komen for the Cure promotional website, “Customer purchases of KFC buckets during the promotion will not directly increase the total contribution.” See the small print at the bottom of this screen capture:…

And yet the Komen for the Cure website proudly proclaims, “Each bucket makes a difference. Help make the largest single donation to end breast cancer FOREVER.”

This is an outright lie. Each bucket you buy doesn’t make any difference at all, as is admitted on their own website. This is an organization promoting fried chicken as a cure for breast cancer and using deceptive language to imply that buying fried chicken raises money for ending cancer. But you have to read the small print to learn that’s not really true.

So we have layers of fraud upon fraud happening here:

Fraud #1) Eating fried chicken will cure cancer.

Fraud #2) Buying fried chicken will result in a monetary donation to Komen for the Cure.

Fraud #3) That Komen for the Cure will ever “end breast cancer FOREVER.”

These are all fraudulent marketing claims being made by the Susan G. Komen for the Cure non-profit, which is really a Big Pharma front group that causes breast cancer by irradiating women’s breasts with radiation machines (mammography).

In the United States today, companies that have promoted the health benefits of cherries or walnuts are threatened with arrest and prosecution by the FDA, and yet a cancer industry front group is now openly claiming that fried chicken will cure breast cancer — and they get away with it!

“Each bucket makes a difference,” they say. (…

) And yet, in reality, customer purchases of buckets of chicken “do not increase the total contribution.”

Check out the “street talk” YouTube video by Jonathan Landsman which asks people on the street what they think about this idea of buying fried chicken to cure breast cancer:…

Note that Komen for the Cure remains approved by the BBB and the Chamber of Commerce. And why not? If people eat more fried chicken laced with MSG, and then they end up in the hospital needing medical services, that’s good for the economy, right? What’s a little fraud as long as somebody’s making money?

Fast food is great for the incomes of hospitals, cancer centers and funeral homes, by the way. See my CounterThink cartoon, “Business is Booming” to learn more:…

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