NAU currency or another hoax?

Posted on November 6th, 2009 Admin

If this is another Amero hoax (remember FBI-informant-white-supremacist Hal Turner’s Amero coin hoax) it is an elaborate one– possibly more FBI work. Even if it is, we have no reason to doubt a new NAU currency is planned.

Out of the gates, I see one questionable issue with the $200 bill.  Why is the text so much crisper than the photo of J.P. Morgan?

The North American Union, for all practical purposes, has already been signed into law, thanks to the likes of NAFTA and the SPP agreement. The EU already has it’s own currency, the Euro.  It’s hardly unreasonable to think we may someday have North American currency.  But why would a FBI-run white supremacist like Hal Turner be so intersted in discrediting this using straw man hoaxes?

There are growing numbers of Americans who see the writing on the wall with respect to the dollar. A timely dollar devaluation would set the stage for an exchange rate favorable to the bankers issuing a new currency.  But if the middle class gets out of dollars before it loses all it’s value, then we end up preserving our wealth and that is not at all what the banking elite have planned.

So regardless of whether this is real or not, I strongly urge everyone to get out of paper/fiat investments and into property, gold/silver, commodities, energy independence, guns, etc.- things with real value, not worthless inflatable paper.

(FEDERALJACK)   Months ago I was sent pictures from a federaljack user who sent us photos they had taken of the new currency for the proposed NAU (AMERO).  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE When I posted them up we got mixed reactions ranging from “OMFG its real” to cries of “FAKE, FAKE, FAKE”.  The people crying fake all pointed out little tiny things like a misspelled name, or said that the bankers would never be that arrogant.   I tried to tell people the prints were samples but most people tend to only accept things that make them feel warm and fuzzy at night.  Alot of people were upset about this, as they should be, this is not a fake or a joke…… this is as real as it gets. Well, here is a second round of photos, this time the 2010 series.  For all of you skeptics out there take note that the misspelled names are fixed, and if you look closly you will notice the name of the new Treasurer of the United States… Rosa Rios.  And you will note that they are again samples of what the currency would look like.  Believe it or not, thats up to you, but it is my duty to bring this to the light of day so everyone may see them and judge for themselves.

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