New Zealand earthquake HAARP connection

Posted on February 28th, 2011 Admin

Important disclaimer: I haven’t verified the HAARP data she’s refers to. Also there is a major problem at the end of this video.  The long arc when these high voltage contacts disconnect has nothing to do with HAARP. This could be any high voltage power link in a power station disconnecting, not “HAARP at work.” She needs to correct this. It’s probably an honest mistake and doesn’t necessarily discredit the claims of rainbow clouds which have also been observed prior to other recent earthquakes in China and Chile.

More on about HAARP


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  1. New Zealand does sit on a fault-line, and nature can be a nasty bitch sometimes; but how does HAARP have anything to do with this event? I actually have little doubt that such terrible things are the desire of many, but again, I do not see the connection here. If this woman is correct, it should be very interesting to see the outcome of global scrutiny on such an abuse of technology.

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