Nuke that thing now, part 2

Posted on June 28th, 2010 Admin

Even your precious Clinton says blow it up!

But I disagree about the use of conventional explosives over a nuclear bomb.  The intense heat of a nuke can fuse rock whereas a conventional explosive small enough to fit in a shaft they drill will probably not be powerful enough to close the well.  Oil can still leak thru cracked rock.

A conventional explosive on the surface might not close the well at all.  Just piling a bunch of rock on this thing is not going to cut it.  If they attempt to blow it shut from the surface (of the sea floor), it would definitely have to be a nuke.

The best option is to use a robot to send a nuclear warhead down one of their relief wells, or if those aren’t close enough, drill a new hole alongside the leaking shaft like they did here.  Using a nuke it would be critical to know the thickness and composition of the earth between the sea floor and the oil, but the drilling company probably has this information, since they drilled through it already once to reach the oil.

This is a perfect use for a small demolition nuke.  And if they had a nuke this small in 1962, I guarantee you they have one now that could slide down a 6 inch shaft.

Let’s end this madness already and nuke it.


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