Obama’s long form birth certificate is computer generated, proves nothing

Posted on April 27th, 2011 Admin

Latest document published by White House no more convincing than previous version.

The White House’s attempt at Obama’s official long form birth certificate contains several inconsistencies that scream “computer generated.” This should come as no surprise, because a copy of the written correspondence with the State of Hawaii Heath Dept they released states that it is a “computer generated certified copy.”

Now I have no idea what kind of jerry-rigged scanning system they could be using to “generate” this supposed copy of what should be a paper or microfilm document, by performing vector compression or OCR on it, then extracting and overlaying text on a faux-3d background (see below).  Because this document is so different from other known real examples of birth certificates from the same place and time, it’s very difficult to believe it’s a real copy.

It would be unusual in graphics or office-speak to refer to a copy of anything as computer generated.  Say “computer generated copy” in your head a few times. It’s almost an oxymoron.  It would also be entirely pointless for any Health Department to store such low quality, doctored images of birth certificates, since these documents are supposed to represent official proof of a person’s birth.

Click image for full size:

While this whole birth certificate operation has been very creative, it fails on a number of counts. As  Smoking Gun points out, the lack of contour in the green patterned background in the shadowed curling section on the left, where we see a shadow that is supposed to look like paper curling away from the scanner is impossible.  If this computer generated “paper” curls down, the pattern should also curl down. This is a geometrically incorrect feature which at least proves that the background is CGI (Computer Generated Imagery).

I loaded the PDF file in in Adobe Illustrator and discovered that pieces of text have also been vectorized to layers, possibly an artifact of Adobe PDF OCR (Optical Character Recognition), although the OCR didn’t recognize one single character in the document, so that didn’t do them any good.

Stay with me for a minute and examine the high res images linked from the above thumbnails carefully, especially the one with everything but the background layer removed (top right image). You’ll notice that the signature and a few other elements are stuck in the background layer, while the typed text is on separate layers.  Tell me, if there were no characters extracted from the image by OCR, why wouldn’t it have just lifted all the black areas off the background consistently?  Why is the big 1 in the upper right corner still in the background?  I don’t know if OCR provides a sufficient explanation for these anomalies.  This could be a combination of another person’s birth certificate with the proper signatures, and Obama’s information.  Or it could just be a very unnecessary way to doctor up an image.

If the Hawaiian birth certificate really exists, how hard can it be for them to produce a regular old 300 dpi bitmap scan? We all know it’s a simple process.  Just load the document and push scan.  There’s no need to OCR the image into layers or use a background with unrealistic perspective, impossible shadows, or unsharp mask filter. What’s the point of saving a copy of something if it can’t even be considered a copy?  This document has FAKE written all over it.

I have my doubts that Obama will ever be able to produce a real-looking birth certificate, unless he sends off to Kenya to get a plain old paper copy of the original one like this guy claims he did, or he utilizes some intelligence agency document forgers to create one with a more vintage look.  Hopefully they’ll come up with something better than fake Bin Laden videos, NAU Amero currency hoaxes, or BP oil spill Photoshop artwork.

If Obama’s Mother was American, that makes him American in my book.  I’m not debating whether the Constitutional requirement that a president be a naturalized citizen is right or wrong here. I’m just saying it is fishy that he can’t produce any real-looking copy of a birth certificate, and as Wayne Madsen says, his family has been deeply involved with intelligence agencies. He was the perfect Manchurian candidate- groomed by spooks, American enough on the surface but allegiances obviously lie elsewhere, and has just enough royal blue blood to satisfy the shape shifting reptoids from planet Nibiru (kidding).

This could all be an elaborate poison pill trolling operation, and they may yet release a high res version of a real birth certificate in the future just to discredit all of us who have spent time pursuing this issue, but at this point, that seems unlikely. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck… My money’s still on Kenya.

Links to White House’s documents:
Birth certificate PDF

Correspondence between Obama counsel and State of Hawaii Health Department


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  1. Interesting article. He’s a fraud one way or the other. There are way too many questions surrounding his background. He spent too many years out of this country to be an American. His whole background is a disgrace to be called American.

  2. First and foremost I am not an Obama supporter, I want to believe he was born in Hawaii but the evidence you have provided makes it difficult to do so… however I do take objection to the address controversy in the lower left picture. The address on the “birth certificate” is that of the mother, not of the hospital, it clearly states in the box above that it is the mothers information, as well as the box below asking for the mothers mailing address, this is common to put under a residential address if the person wants mail to go somewhere other than their home address. Other than that great info!!

  3. Thanks Me. I removed that image. If I had time I’d re-do that side by side comparison but I have no more time to spend on this issue.

  4. There are so many things wrong with this it’s hard to pick a starting point. I guess I’ll start with Kenya.
    It’s been proven (documented) that Obama Sr never left Hawaii during his time as a student there to go back to Kenya (he went straight to Harvard after Hawaii). He was interviewed twice for local newspapers and they asked what he going to do after he is done with all of his school work (Hawaii & Harvard). He said he is looking forward to going back to Kenya since by the time he graduates, it would have been 7 years since he has been to Kenya. Since Obama Sr could not have been back to Kenya in 1961 (when Obama Jr was born), that would mean that Ann Dunham Obama would have had to fly by herself on a multi-layover trip (since there was no direct flight from Hawaii to Kenya in 1961) to Kenya where she did not speak the language or know a single person – while being very pregnant. Obama Sr already had another wife and child that lived in the village where he grew up and they probably did not know of his 2nd marriage. And the birthers claim that Obama was born in Mombasa which is over 500 miles from the small village that Obama Sr was from. None of his family would have been able to easily travel from the village to over 500 miles away in Mombasa for the birth of Obama Sr’s 2nd child so Ann Obama would have been on her own in Mombasa. And then she would have to fly back to Hawaii right after the delivery to get all of the legal stuff taken care. To say that Obama Jr was born in Kenya does not make any sense at all logistically.
    Second, in regards to the long form birth certificate, obviously Hawaii keeps birth certificates in binder form (thus the curved edge) and then they scan the white background certificate in to the computer (or in the 1966 version, they make a Xerox or photostat copy onto official state paper). Nowadays, after the original is scanned into the computer, they apply a security background to make it official and prevent tampering. The certificate of live birth (the scanned part) from Obama’s long form is only on one part of the page (thus the curved edge in the middle of the certificate and not the whole document) and the registars certification is at the bottom (not part of the scanned in image). The 1966 certificate that you are comparing it to has the same thing – a copied image onto official state document paper (thus the curved edge at the top of the old document and a straight edge at the bottom). The security background on scanned-in images is applied to the entire document which explains why the background does not curve with the image and is applied evenly over the whole document. Thus a copy (scanned in image of the original) that is computer generated with the official security background – a computer generated copy. Nothing oxymoronic about it – it makes perfect sense to me.

  5. Kevin, Thanks for your comments. What’s the point of doing all this image processing, rather than just placing the paper document and doing a normal scan? ESPECIALLY if they want to prove that the document exists in its original form. What they put out can not considered a “copy.” What you (and I) describe would be called a “layered composite image.”

  6. I guess it all depends on what the state gave Obama’s lawyer, Judith Corley, when she picked the certified copies up since she was the one who fly to Hawaii to get the copies. Did they provide her with an electronic version of the birth cetificate or a hard copy? If it was a hardcopy, was it b&w or did it already have the security background? If it was a hardcopy with the security background then I don’t know how it got like this. If it was b&w, then I would assume the Obama applied the security background for security purposes. If it was electronic version, was it b&w or did the state already apply the security background? I don’t know but just like you mentioned above, Obama’s mother was American so that makes him 100% American in my book. The whole Kenyan thing just seems to be nonsense (especially logistically) and a complete waste of time and money. If the document that Obama posted was a fraud and not the one provided by the state of Hawaii, then I would think the state would be contacting the media – so it must be the real document provided by the state.

  7. Obama Didn’t Show So We Still Don’t Know…..anything except that Obama is a liar.

    The letter to Hawaii Director of Health Loretta Fuddy, from Mr. Obama and his lawyer Judith Corley, request a waiver in order to obtain a NON computer generated photocopy of Obama’s original, long-form Certificate of Live Birth.

    Fuddy grants that request and gives Corley two certified photo copies of Obama’s original long-form Certificate of Live Birth. Abercrombie confirms this in his April 27th, 2011 press release.
    White House General Counsel Bob Bauer confirms this at the April 27, 2011 press conference.

    What Obama posted on April 27th 2011 was NOT what Fuddy says she gave him or what he requested. In fact what he posted does not exist.

    Experts have proven that the computer generated document Obama posted has been manipulated, contains many layers and is an obvious forgery. However, that is not what proves it is a forgery.

    The fact that what he posted IS a computer generated document proves that it is a forgery.

    First, scanning a photo copy in to a computer does not turn the photo copy in to a computer generated document.
    And second, the Hawaii Department of Health does not give out a computer generated, long-form Certificate of Live Birth. They only give out photocopies of the long-form Certificate of Live Birth. And you have to ask for a waiver specifically to get it, which Obama did.

    The computer generated document they give out, which contains an abstract of the information on the original long-form, is called a short-form Certification of Live Birth.

    1. Obama asked for a photocopy of his long-form Certificate of Live Birth. 2. Fuddy says she gave him a photocopy. 3. When Hawaii makes a computer generated birth record it is called a short-form Certification of Live Birth. 4. When you ask Hawaii for a waiver from their policy to only give out computer generated birth records you are asking for a photocopy of the original birth record.

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