Party extends the [CENSORED] for 3 more months

Posted on February 21st, 2011 Admin

Party web site said that the [CENSORED] would have no trouble passing next time, and in fact other party web site confirms it was extended 3 more months.  3 more months that The Terrorists won’t be able to get us, I say.  3 cheers for big brother!  But I find this a bit confusing…

Yes, I have a correction.  Party news site appears to be using misleading graphics to manipulate public opinion.  I’m sure there is a very good reason for making it seem as though democrats control more of the seats than they actually do, while clearly in this photo one can see this is not the actual seat configuration on the house floor.  Of course, if this offends the party’s great wisdom, we will gladly say that the photo at right does show the seating arrangement depicted in the party web site graphic.

Whether it be protecting us from Terrorists™, or other issues of Homeland Security, or simply to make it appear as though more of the blue dots were involved in temporarily stalling the extension of the [CENSORED], one can’t be sure, but one thing we can be sure of is that the Dear Leader and Honorable Congress Persons are doing what’s best for us.

At right is the Party’s Online Encyclopedia version of the seating chart.  Blue rows extend to the end in this version.  If party web site would care to comment on this discrepancy I would be most grateful.

All hail the government!

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