#Pedogate > #Pizzagate

Posted on April 7th, 2017 Admin

Brief explanation (for the already initiated, without references) of why the hashtag #Pedogate should be used in favor of #Pizzagate.

ConditioningCertain alternative journalists have been bullied with threats of legal action into “debunking” pizzagate, after going on for months about the $65k hot dog party at the White House, and cheese pizza and walnut sauce email messages in John Podesta’s Wikileaks, none of which amount to absolute proof of pedophilia. It seems strange, but even pedos like to eat food. To an extent, I agree that the emails may be a red herring, but that does not mean pizzagate is debunked, by any stretch.

Far more incriminating than the emails, is Comet Ping Pong’s instagram (since made private) and Podesta’s collection of creepy pedo artwork. They do seem to be involved in pedophilia but without proof, its dangerous to directly accuse them, just based on possibly-coded messages about pizza and hot dogs.

"Family-Friendly" Satanic Gay Ping Pong and PizzaThere is so much admitted pedophilia that goes on, we need to not lose the forest for the trees. The hashtag #pedogate is better than #pizzagate for those who aren’t aware of the use of code words like cheese pizza meaning child porn. The MSM has effectively made it into a cartoonish narrative about a non-existent (?) basement of Comet Ping Pong.

While it would be easy to conclude CPP and Podesta are involved in child abuse, or at least strangely obsessed with it, based on their pedo themed art and music, that’s not enough to make accusations. We need to keep investigating them. If people look under enough rocks, sooner or later there’s a good chance the proof will turn up. If nothing else, it’s exposed Podesta’s failure to disclose his Russian banking investments.

Just because a few prominent journalists have been knocked off the trail by legal threats, people should by no means stop digging into this very important matter.  We need to keep on this like a 19 headed hydra, because something is very, very wrong here.  I’ve been studying this stuff for years before anything about CPP and Podesta came out. They are just the tip of the iceberg.

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