Proposed “Dietary Supplement ‘Safety’ Act” major threat to health freedom

Posted on February 12th, 2010 Admin

A dangerous new piece legislation submitted by Critter John McCain threatens to restrict US citizens’ access to dietary supplements at the discretion of the FDA.  Where are the standards by which this is measured?  We already have laws on the books preventing adulteration of any consumable food with contaminants.  There is more to this.  The wording of this bill is purposefully vague and could effectively put an end to all medicinal herbs being sold in the US, when the big pharma lobbyist puppet-masters pay the FDA off to eliminate their competition.

(A) IN GENERAL- If the Secretary finds there is a reasonable probability that a dietary supplement or a product marketed or sold as a dietary supplement would cause serious, adverse health consequences or death, or is adulterated or misbranded, the Secretary shall issue a cease distribution and notification order requiring the person named in the order to immediately–

(i) cease distribution of such dietary supplement or a product marketed or sold as a dietary supplement;

(ii) notify distributors, importers, retailers, and consumers of the order; and

(iii) instruct those distributors, importers, retailers, and consumers to cease distributing, importing, selling, and using the dietary supplement.

Can the FDA be trusted to rule make an impartial ruling on whether a dietary supplement is misbranded or adulterated?  This is the same FDA that approved unlabeled Monsanto abominations like rBGH and pesticide-expressing, herbicide-resistant crops that now infect the gene pool; bacteriaphage virus spray for meats; ammonia treatment of beef for school lunches.  The FDA has just decided to allow the re-labeling of toxic Aspartame as a natural sweetner. Is this the same FDA we want deciding which vitamins and herbs we can use?

How much bribe money will it take to get my plant sterol prostate health supplement designated as “misbranded,” in an effort to get me on the teat of big pharma?  I could tell you that plant sterols can be very effective in treating benign prostatic hypertrophy in men, if making such a statement were legal.

Big pharma sees the threat that natural supplements pose to their profit margins and they’re moving to neutralize it.  In the coming months we’re likely to see a lot of manipulative news stories about how herbal supplements can contain toxic chemicals as the corporate media attempts to drum up support for this freedom-killing legislation.  But they dare not compare it to the > 200,000 yearly deaths in the US due to iatrogenic disease – medical errors and adverse reactions

Here’s a great video from Gary Null about that very issue …

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