Proposed NAFTA Superhighway Detroit/Windsor bridge unnecessary

Posted on April 11th, 2011 Admin

If you jump to 10:30 in this video you’ll hear some very rational, compelling arguments against building a new bridge between Detroit USA and Windsor Canada, right next to the existing one.  There’s no reason for Michigan to contract out the construction of a new bridge when the economy has shrunk so drastically and the traffic has decreased.  Customs is causing the majority of traffic getting across the bridge now, not bridge capacity.   Let’s fix the customs delay first, then see if any need for more bridge capacity exists. If so, construction and maintenance can be done by local workers from Michigan and Canada employed by both our local governments.

New World Order globalists are attempting to award construction contracts to their international cronies like they did in Texas with Cintra (a Spanish company building roads there), or Dubai Ports (owned by the United Arab Emirates Government), which now owns our deep water sea ports.  A few people could get rich of this in the short term but the long term cost to citizens would be much higher, in the form of paying our tolls to a foreign government instead of into our local economy, not to mention when they bring out their private security squads like TSA or Blackwater/XE and start x-raying us every time we drive thru a toll booth, nobody’s going to like that.

As corrupt as things are in Detroit, and as inadequate as the road repairs have been in some areas, these problems pale in comparison of the corruption of the NWO Globalists.  Unless we want to pay tolls to a private company for eternity, all roads and bridges need to be publicly owned and funded.  If we let a private company come in here and buy off our elected officials and build a big white elephant toll bridge, we’re going to have our butts handed to us financially.  They’re coming in here saying they’ll finance it up front, but as you probably know THERE’S NO FREE LUNCH.


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