Sandy Hook Inconsistencies – Rifle left in car but all kids shot with rifle

Posted on January 5th, 2013 Admin

A serious inconsistency has emerged in the official reports of the Sandy Hook School shooting.  NBC news now claims according to federal and state “sources” that only handguns were brought into the school, and the rifle was left in the car, yet the medical examiner claims all the children he examined were shot with a rifle.  This makes no sense if Adam Lanza only had handguns in the school.   All corporate media sources are reporting that only one rifle was involved, and there is video of a rifle being removed from the trunk of the car Lanza allegedly drove.

Reports of multiple other suspects in a rental van and in the woods, subsequently memory-holed by the corporate media fits the profile of a black op.  This is a pattern seen in other known false flag ops such as Oklohoma city (john doe #2), 9/11 (dancing Israelis), Aurora Batman theater shooting, and both JFK and RFK assasinations.

The shameless exploitation of this tragedy by traitors in government and the corporate whore media attempting to ban guns in the US reveals a possible motive for staging this shooting.

Does anyone really think the same government that shipped thousands of assault rifles and grenade launchers to drug cartels in Mexico as part of “Fast and Furious” cares if some kids die? Are they really going to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and protect us if they prevent citizens from owning guns?  No, of course not. They sell guns directly TO criminals.

The only reason these mass shooters get as far as they do is because they can reliably target these “gun-free zones” which really means “law abiding citizen disarmament zones” to carry out their plans, knowing they will have a certain amount of time before law enforcement shows up.  It’s not like a deranged shooter is going to stop and turn around because he sees a sign that says “gun free zone.”


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  1. Excellent collection of important news clips that are probably already halfway down the memory hole for most people at this point. It is rather disturbing to see the major contradictions in the official story. As the event is unfolding it is natural for people to be confused, and for initial reports to be incorrect. However, video footage doesn’t lie (the long rifle in the trunk) and there should be an official statement regarding these inconsistencies. But unfortunately, the lamestream media is far too concerned with who Kim Kardashian is blowing.


  2. the media ca say something at 1 pm and change it at 2 and people won’t remember. sheep will sleep all the way to the fema camps. sad state of affairs. it,s like a gift and a curse to be awake an watch all these people led to slaughter because they’re caught up in medi hype. there was a great rap group, public that said “DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE” and they were and are soooo right!

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