Satellite view of N America shows unusual radar signature

Posted on April 3rd, 2011 Admin

(  Notice the statiionary roundish zones of increased radar reflectance in the satellite image sequence below.    This phenomenon could be related to radar, localized atmospheric pollution, HAARP, or the Earth’s magnetic field.  My feeling is it’s probably ground based radar, or some interaction between radar and atmosphere.  Looking for commonalities between all the cities these things appear over might yield some clues.

I snagged the animated gif below from National Weather Service’s web site per dutchsinse’s YouTube post.

Although they appear to have been darkened a bit in the youtube post, they can still be seen in the source footage.   I cropped this from the high res source on

Time of images: 1728 UTC 03/30/2011
through 1838 UTC 03/30/2011

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