Seattle Wi-Fi Spy Network Has Not Been Deactivated

Posted on November 14th, 2013 Admin

This sounds like the ingelligence-agency-funded “Wireless Positioning System” that I wrote about in 2010.  It can triangulte signals from wireless devices including phones, i-stuff and computers, which by default often transmit unique “mac” addresses which can be used to identify people–  And now they’re deploying it on a large scale.

All I can say is Ubuntu Linux phone, here I come.  MAC addresses can be changed.


Paul Joseph Watson

Despite claims by the Seattle Police Department that a wi-fi mesh network which had the capability to store an individual’s last 1,000 locations via their cellphone had been deactivated in response to a privacy outcry, the network still appears to be active.

On Tuesday, the SPD announced that Police Chief Jim Pugel had given the order to deactivate the network. However, as of Wednesday afternoon at 4pm, it was still very much active.

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