Tarpley: Interference in Libyan internal affairs violates UN Charter

Posted on March 21st, 2011 Admin

Webster Tarpley

… Diplomatic observers were shocked by the sweeping resolution passed by the Security Council, which allows “all necessary measures” to be used against Libya. The United Nations Charter strictly limits Chapter 7 military actions to threats to international peace and security, which Libya has never represented, but rules out interference in internal affairs of member states. The pretext cited in this case was the protection of defenseless civilians, but it is clear that the rebels constitute an armed military force in their own right. Since no state can be an aggressor on its own territory, the Security Council resolution stands in flagrant violation of the UN Charter. Russia, China, Brazil, Germany, and India abstained. The resolution contains an arms embargo against Libya which the US is already violating by arming the rebels through Egypt…


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  1. While Gaddafi is really mad and brutal, Europe isn’t in Libya because of any moral ground. The blood of Libyan people is cheaper than water. However, once Libyans revolted against this cruel dictator, it was a reason to stop. Do not forget, Libyans didn’t become in one day humans enough to be protected. All his deadly weapons are made in England, Germany and US in addition to other western nations.

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