The Biochemical Manipulation of Humanity

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David Rothscum Reports
22 July, 2009

Many prominent scientists and authors have on various occasions stated that in the future, the common people would be manipulated through chemicals in their food, water and injections, to suit the needs of the people that govern them.

In his 1931 book, the Scientific Outlook, Bertrand Russell wrote:

“Perhaps by means of injections and drugs and chemicals the population could be induced to bear whatever its scientific masters may decide to be for its good.”

One of the most famous examples of the idea of biochemical manipulation of the underclass was raised in Brave New World by Aldous Huxley in 1932. In Brave New World, the lower classes are exposed to a variety of chemicals before they are “born” that reduce their intelligence and adult height, and prepare them for the role they will fullfil when they grow up. Alcohol is used, lower castes receive less oxygen, and they are exposed to x-rays. The lower castes are also exposed to certain hormones to make them infertile. 70% of women are exposed in the womb to male hormones, and turned into so called “freemartins”, sterilized women who exhibit masculine behavior.

Bertrand Russel wrote in 1952 in “the impact of science on Society”, that:

Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible.

Charles Galton Darwin, grandson of Charles Darwin, wrote in his 1952 book,
‘The Next Million Years’ that:

Looking a little deeper there is the possibility of substantially altering the intellectual and moral natures of individuals by some sort of hormonal injections; already great effects have been produced on animals.

John Holdren, who currently works for the Obama administration as his adviser on science, wrote in 1977:

Adding a sterilant to drinking water or staple foods is a suggestion that seems to horrify people more than most proposals for involuntary fertility control. Indeed, this would pose some very difficult political, legal, and social questions, to say nothing of the technical problems. No such sterilant exists today, nor does one appear to be under development. To be acceptable, such a substance would have to meet some rather stiff requirements: it must be uniformly effective, despite widely varying doses received by individuals, and despite varying degrees of fertility and sensitivity among individuals; it must be free of dangerous or unpleasant side effects; and it must have no effect on members of the opposite sex, children, old people, pets, or livestock.

All of these ideas may sound terrible, but Bertrand Russel himself explained that: “Really highminded people are indifferent to happiness, especially other people’s.”

This article will discuss the various artificially induced disease states that are becoming more common every day, the methods by which they are induced, and the reasons behind this.

Masculinization and sterilization of women.

Many products used today contain Bisphenol A, a chemical first synthesized in 1891. It was discovered to have hormonal effects on the human body in 1938. Because of this, in the 1930’s it was used as a synthetic estrogen. Later, after it’s effects were known, in the 1950s it began to be used in the production of Polycarbonate, a plastic now used in many food products. There are hundreds of types of plastic, many of them having no effect on the endocrine system, but the industry insists on using Bisphenol A.

The effects on women are well known. Scientists have discovered that women who have had three or more consecutive miscarriages had 3 times higher levels of Bisphenol A in their blood than women who had successfully given birth. Studies in rats have also shown that at levels that humans are exposed to Bisphenol A masculinizes the brain of females, which resulted in the female mice exhibiting behavior typical of male mice.

A growing epidemic in predominantly the Western world is Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Polycystic ovary syndrome is a syndrome that is characterized by women receiving an abundance of male hormones, and symptoms include infertility, excessive body hair, loss of hair on the head, obesity, and deepening of the voice. Estimates of how common this problem is vary from anywhere between 2 and 20 percent of women worldwide, but what is clear is that the problem is caused by Bisphenol A. Studies have shown that levels of Bisphenol A are significantly higher in women with PCOS.

    The masculinization and sterilization of women in the womb as described in Brave New World could thus effectively be carried out using Bisphenol A.

    Polycarbonate, the plastic that leaches Bisphenol A, was developed in Germany and the United States at the same time, in 1955, by Bayer in Germany and General Electric in the United States respectively.

    The history of Bayer is interesting. Bayer was the result of the break up of IG Farben in 1951.
    IG Farben was the company that manufactured the Zyklon B that Nazi Germany used in the gas chambers during the Holocaust.
    Of course, many people who had worked for IG Farben while it produced Zyklon B continued to work for Bayer after the break up of IG Farben.
    Fritz Ter Meer for example, was a board member of IG Farben since 1925. During the Second World War he was responsible for the construction of the IG Farben factory in Auschwitz, in which around 30 000 slave labourers went to their deaths. In July 1948 at the Nuremberg IG Farben trial ter Meer was sentenced to seven years in prison for enslavement and looting.
    After his release in 1952 he immediatly began working for Bayer again, and in 1955 he became a boardmember of Bayer, and a year later he became chairman of the board.

    The question how anyone could thus knowingly sell products that contain dangerous synthetic estrogen that can sterilize people and have various other negative health effects is thus easily answered: The same people who started producing this product produced the Zyklon B that Nazi Germany used in the Holocaust.

    The question of how Bayer and General Electric could come up with this product at the same time and make a deal to sell it can be explained using Anthony Sutton’s book, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler. Like I. G Farben, General Electric was instrumental in funding Nazi Germany.

    International General Electric was the largest shareholder (30%) of German General Electric (A. E. G.), the company that funded Hitler in the early days of his rise to power. Several of A. E. G.’s Directors were also on the board of I. G. Farben. I.G. Farben and International General Electric also had the same shareholders. The Warburg Manhattan bank, and the Rockefeller Chase Bank had a large interest in General Electric. The Rockefeller Family also had a controlling interest (25%) In Standard Oil, which worked together with I G Farben as well according to Sutton.

    I. G. Farben was owned and controlled by Warburg family members as well. Max Warburg was a member of the board from it’s inception in 1925 until 1938. His brother, Paul Warburg, was a board member of the American I. G. Farben, which was controlled by the German I. G. Farben.
    Sutton proves that the Electric Industry was turning into a trust, and specifically mentions that the companies were no longer competing for patents. It should be no surprise that a decade later Bayer and General Electric together brought this toxic plastic on the market that is now used to package our food and drinks.

    It’s important to note that Bayer later ran into trouble when the company knowingly sold and continued producing blood products contaminated with HIV, while it had a safe alternative available.

    Because a ban on Bisphenol A is now becoming likely, the Coca Cola company panicked, and leaked internal memo’s that show the company planned a propaganda campaign that would include using a “pregnant young mother who would be willing to speak around the country about the benefits of BPA” as their ‘holy grail’ spokesperson. According to the Environmental Working Group, this campaign would be specifically targetted at the poor and ethnic minorities.
    The leaked memo can be found here.
    I have covered forced sterilization campaigns carried out primarily against women through the use of vaccinations before. For more information on this subject, click here.

    The Sterilization and Feminization of Men.

    The global decline in fertility in men has been well documented. John Holdren mentioned that chemicals added to the water supply could be used to sterilize people, and indeed, chemicals are added to the water that reduce fertility. One of these chemicals is Fluoride. As I pointed out before, Sodium Fluoride reduces men’s sperm count, and communities with higher levels of Fluoride in the water have a lower birth rate than communities with lower levels of Fluoride.
    Sperm counts worldwide have fallen by about 50% per ml (for sources, see) in 50 years.
    Various chemicals are found in the water that act as endocrine disruptors, widely held responsible for the increasing number of problems found in men. However, these chemicals could be easily filtered out of the water, but this is not done, due to the false threat of global warming.
    As I mentioned before, Soy also sterilizes men, and changes their brain:

    A study done with rats showed that even moderate amounts of soy caused these animals to spend less time in social interaction with other rats. Another study down in adult male monkeys fed phyto-estrogens showed changes in their behavior as well. Time spend together with other monkeys was halved. Furthermore, the monkeys showed a threefold increase in submissive behavior.

    Reduction of IQ, and inducement of learning disabilities in children.

    As should be known by most people by now, Fluoride in the water has been shown in multiple studies to reduce the IQ of children. Other methods are used to bring about the same effect.
    A study showed for example, that boys who received all three hepatitis B vaccines have a 9 times higher risk of developmental disability than boys who receives no hepatitis B vaccine. Another study found that receiving a single vaccine containing Thimerosal increased the risk of autism and ADHD. Another study by Verstraeten found that the risk of autism and ADHD increased significantly in children that received vaccines. Unfortunately, his supervisors wanted to see a different result, and thus he changed the outcome by excluding a large number of children. The initial outcome of the study can be found here. A larger amount of evidence showing how vaccines cause autism can be found here.
    Russel’s prediction, that injection’s would be used to manipulate the behavior of people was correct.


    Multiple viruses that cause cancer are found in our vaccines. The first of these viruses was created with funding of the Rockefeller family. Many people ask themselves how such a thing can happen. The answer is that we should be surprised if these vaccines were not a method to harm people. The same people in charge of the pharmaceutical companies headed America’s biological warfare program. On a government website we find the following:

    From the moment of its birth in the highest levels of government, the fledgling biological warfare effort was kept to an inner circle of knowledgeable persons. George W. Merck was a key member of the panel advising President Franklin D. Roosevelt and was charged with putting such an effort together. Merck owned the pharmaceutical firm that still bears his name.


    Depression is becoming more common throughout the Western world. Depression is caused by brain inflammation, because brain inflammation depletes the body of serotonin. This brain inflammation is the result of vaccines. A good explanation can be found here. It goes without saying that the same companies that produce the vaccines are the ones that sell the anti-depressants. Anti-Depressants are now the most sold drugs in the United States, and adult use of antidepressants almost tripled between the periods 1988-1994 and 1999-2000. The most popular anti-depressant is Prozac, an SSRI patented by Eli Lilly. Eli Lilly also has the patent on Thimerosal, the mercury compound that is added to vaccines and involved in causing autism. In the United States, 37% of autistic children are given SSRI’s like Prozac.
    It’s easy to make a profit when you sell products that treat the symptoms caused by the products you sell.

    Update (29/08/09): I want to thank everyone who helped spread this report. James Corbett’s website,, was one of the first major websites to carry this article.
    Hagbud of Infokrieg.TV took the effort to translate this article into German, making my research available to the German speaking public.

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