The Wall

Posted on May 2nd, 2016 Admin

I woke up this morning absoultely terrified of Trump’s Wall.

Berlin wall … Iron Curtain… China… North Korea. Walls can be used to keep people in. Does the Land of the Free need a big wall around it?  I don’t know.  If the same govenment that funds enemies like ISIS and Al Qaeda wants to put a wall around us, is that going to be for our safety?  Possibly not. It’s a complicated issue. Now those enemies exist to some degree, but I have a feeling it’s less of a threat than it’s made out to be.  Most terrorism is staged or provoked in some way.

We could just end all the illegal wars, let the border patrol do its job, decriminalize drugs, and pray.

Government should also stop sending weapons to the drug cartels (Fast n Furious, Iran/Contra)

It would take some time for the rest of the world’s anger to subside after what the empire has done to push us toward destabilization and Chaos. They’ve been very effective using their fraudulent usury system and military industrial complex to enslave and menace everyone, but if a wall is the security they’re offering, I want none of it. We can’t simultaneously wage war on 5 countries over lies, then expect the public to believe they’re building a wall around us for our safety. No, they’re going to march you and your family into a forced labor camp and a furnace.

The alternatives to wall builder Trump are even worse. Really not a good hand, I think we should draw again.  Write me in yo #DanMiller2016

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