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Thrive deals with a lot of important issues but the ET/free energy section did not serve much purpose and should have been a separate video.  I’ve seen so many free lunch claims over the years that unless someone is willing to lay out the exact specs, schematics, clear demonstrations, and show me something I can reproduce, I’m not interested.  For all the money and time spent on video production, they haven’t provided any proof of a working zero-point energy device.

Mixing claims of aliens and free energy with real issues of social justice and corruption is highly suspect.  It could be a poison pill, but since they addressed a lot of important issues I’ll leave it alone.  It’s a bit new-agey for my taste but if it gets people thinking then that’s fine. The main problem is that ET free lunch claims will be used as a straw man to discredit the legitimate claims made.

Sometimes you will hear statements like.. “Oh, you think fluoride is harmful? You probably also think shape shifting reptoids use the moon as a hollowed out spaceship.”  Unfortunately straw man tactics do work on the feeble minded.

Around 16:30 Nassim Haremin claims that a flower of life symbol is “burned in” to the rock of an ancient Osirian temple, presumably by aliens.  This is obviously bs. And, whoops! They admit this (more or less) on the thrive web site: http://www.thrivemovement.com/fact_checks

Word to the wise: When you hear the reptoid crowd preface outlandish statements with “apparently” … watch out.


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  1. Thrive conned PESWiki, sadly. A review correlates yours:

    Gregor, thedailybell.com/3664/Foster-Gamble-Responses

    So an elite from occult family, with ties to
    Newsweek (CFR agitprop) and Hollywood
    (CIA/Pentagon/CFR agitprop), who “had created
    the film-making department…at Princeton,”
    might be very good in agitprop, I suppose.

    You never see as many occultists in one place
    without Plan involved. Gamble family is occult.
    Offspring beliefs should match, and do, including

    Gamble even has visions, hears voices. Compare.
    When a Christian says God spoke or gave vision,
    you say, kook. Mr. NewAgetprop says same, you
    give deep reverence. The child-think of Westerners
    brings me smiles.

    For background on occult Plan, American Texe Marrs
    heard occult NWO theosophist leader state their
    UFO scam overtly,
    Ed Chiarini demolished actors playing Dr. Greer and
    Carol Rosin. William Dean Ross gave insider account
    of covert fake “UFO” projects,
    Ross, an atheist evolutionist radical leftist,
    dated an occult witch, then got into official
    black ops, learned UFO meme covers evil workings.
    William Lyne got lucrative offers to scribble
    phony ancient alien history before Z. Sitchin
    took it up.

    UFO pretense is a big piece of Plan. Simple web
    searches turn up details. Thrive people know,
    or didn’t research. I see professional agitators
    working a task within the Plan or Great Work
    (name depends on lodge and order).

    Gamble: “The two key elements that for me are
    one the suppression of ETs and UFO information,
    hand in hand with the suppression of free energy,
    because they do go hand in hand.”

    NewAgetprop read: false association. UFO meme
    hides free energy tech as “alien” political hot
    potato, not feudal oppression. Brainwashed plebes
    waste strength begging for voluntary government
    disclosure (a meme promotion) not legislative
    overthrow of feudal secrecy (true social need).
    Gamble wants ideas mated. Use logic: We’re
    smart enough to “Thrive,” yet can’t invent new
    energy without UFO blueprints? Illogical.
    How did aliens invent it?

    Gamble: “access inner guidance, whether it’s
    from cosmic consciousness or higher-level beings
    or whatever.”

    NewAgetprop read: ignore God, hear demons.
    This New Age invite is classic. Everything old
    in the universe is new to modern West. Spirits
    have been known to man. They are not “whatevers”
    and “consciousness” or “aliens.”

    What is telling, the break in Gamble’s own framework.
    We do not ask inner voice for free energy. We ask
    government for alien disclosure. Many spinning memes!

    Gamble’s right, past scientists heard from hell.
    The 1990s Texe Marrs report mentions scheduled
    scientific discovery, courtesy hell’s minions.
    I think Edison was theosophist. Gamble omits,
    others credit God, His voice, His creation.
    Even modern scholars write Christian West culture
    helped scientific method, not to forget as well,
    old Islam and its learning. The Gamble invite?
    Forget God, chase spirits. Paul said “test the
    spirits” and he and Jesus chased many off.
    I guess Gamble knows best.

    Gamble: “The deeper I went in meditation the
    more I kept hearing this sound, which turned out
    to be the wailing of the suffering of humanity…
    I committed myself to…relieve that suffering.”

    NewAgetprop read: William Dean Ross talked about
    the Plan as war on God to thwart judgment. Maybe
    what Gamble heard, if this line is true, was
    sufferings of hell. Anyway, if answer to wailing
    humanity is films promoting global conversations,
    then we’re in deep poop. I don’t meditate or plan
    “Stage 1” funds allocation but read charity news
    about sufferings, and donate. As to Gable’s vision
    at 14, to read an occult defector’s special encounter
    with “It” just
    Maybe “It” was what Gamble considers the “Universe’s
    fundamental energy pattern.”

    Gamble: “How do we resolve this left versus right
    split? If we trust going with the individual, are
    people who are disadvantaged going to be taken care of?”

    NewAgetprop read: The old left-right mind trap breaks up.
    PTB need a replacement model. In freedom there is no “we.”
    But PTB propose: individual bad, group good.
    Let us dialog about the group model. Well, mankind has
    groups already, called, families, tribes, clans, faith.
    We do not need to Delphi this subject, it’s solved
    by Nature. Gamble just wants it re-solved for his
    Ascended Masters. The question is really accurately
    stated as, “Now that the NWO has ruined human culture
    and natural ties, how shall we care for people?”
    Problem, reaction, solution.

    Gamble: “the most informed people are consistently
    the most hopeful, because once the nature of the
    problem is clear, so are the solutions”

    NewAgetprop read: When did you stop beating your wife?
    is the logic. Thrive opponents lack hope, understanding,
    solutions. Even Thrive’s name one can’t oppose.
    This line winks to occult insiders, the most informed
    indeed, who love double meanings.

    Gamble: “play a role in the liberty movement of
    connecting to…new-age groups…in ways that the
    liberty perspective has had some challenges in
    connecting successfully in the past.”

    NewAgetprop read: cognitive and physical infiltration;
    shopworn New Age tactics. Constance Cumbey has reams
    of facts on all the groups and operators. Many defectors
    confirm these methods, just
    Americans may shock to learn, that “dangerous right
    wing Christian fundamentalist” policy clubs, like
    Prayer Breakfast and The Family, are pure New Age
    occult edifices from groundstones. That is why they
    meet no goal but to “paint a target” for political
    hate focus.

    Gamble: “to align not on the principles of how to
    control people’s lives or which political party to
    align with but instead to move the whole conversation
    to the principles of integrity and the principles
    of freedom”

    NewAgetprop read: “Global conversation” is false
    premise. Accept premise, lose game. Why globalism?
    Why not localism? Elsewhere Gamble pretends he wants
    localism. Well and good; why converse globally?
    And why converse at all?

    Trust Gamble’s goodness; fine. Suppose he believes
    his press; fine. Consider higher wisdom. Christ
    said those who lord over us call themselves benefactors.
    And the poor we shall always have with us. No “thrive”
    from Jesus Christ. I guess He was just too uninformed
    and hopeless by Thrive standards. Another wise man
    Solomon said, “The rebuke of a friend is faithful;
    the kisses of an enemy profuse.” There’s your
    Delphi conversation. A “global conversation” is
    Delphi technique, politeness as weapon. Facilitator
    poses victimhood to opposition. Seeks consensus
    to takeover. Nehemiah told foes, “Why should our
    work stop, so that we may come down and parley with you?”
    I guess dialogue is an old trick.

    NewAgetprop summary:

    Thrive is rearguard move on Internet Reformation to
    enshrine Delphi technique on truthers. PTB know
    “The world is waking up.” Truthers want to hear it,
    therefore, PTB oblige, plaster motto on agitprop.
    Data on suppressed tech and ruling psychopathocracy
    is beyond control anyhow. So elites must admit some
    facts to outflank truthers.

    They wish for central control via Delphi dialog
    methodology and assorted New Age gimmicks: UFOs,
    mystical geometries, crop circles (satellite
    microwave beam productions), etc. What you need
    know here, Gamble isn’t giving all the Thrive scheme
    yet. That is why its end seems vague. For now
    just meditate, ask inner voices to speak, listen
    for sounds of hell, and enroll with your local
    coven, oops, I meant lodge, ooops, sorry, that was
    to say, Thrive Movement Chapter.

    Later will come the central control mass herding.
    They need to break resistance with lies right now —
    pretend liberty, decentralization, etc. New Age is
    masterful at multiple overlapping networks-of-networks
    group control. It is their primary organizing idea.
    Daily Bell might interview Constance Cumbey on that
    topic to get a handle. You seem bamboozled here.

    Thrive is predictive programming to direct history.
    System 1913 now collapses. TPTB direct its fall and
    phase in replacement. For Slavery 2025, they want
    plebes to say, Ah yes, that nice freelance maverick
    taught this central planning technocracy control grid.

    NewAgetprop often talks about voluntary stuff.
    The whole operation is about Delphying into voluntary
    slavery. Once the networking groups exist, they will
    field or activate faciliators, to consensus you into
    initiatives they want. These will involve NGOs and UN.

    Have you noticed? Nothing in Gamble’s concepts about
    religious people separating out. No no no, we don’t
    mean that kind of freedom. Let us dialogue…

    It’s easy to promote non-participation to a collapsing
    system for which participation is moot anyhow. More,
    they want you to think you made choices which they
    guided you to. So they swaddle you in predictive
    programming and guided consensus. In brainwashed state,
    you will not conceive other answers.

    Anybody complains, PTB news will smoothly announce
    on telescreens, “alien computers decide, you asked
    for them, outcome is not our department,” and escape

    PTB plan for collapse, fit Thrive into the control
    scheme. They’d rather prep Delphi covens with guided
    consensus, masses thinking they’re free, than
    send in troops. Notice Gamble’s bizarre “dispute
    resolute organizations … and private security and
    private insurance” which are concerns of controllers,
    not free people who know who has their back.

    Thrive infiltrates Delphi control on the truther-liberty
    movement and ropes it into the New Age NWO.

    ( no copyright )

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