Today I woke someone up

Posted on January 24th, 2016 Admin

I realized what the problem is.  Most people don’t read, and instead watch a lot of TV.

Earlier today I was talking to a US Navy vet about the election and politics. He was almost awake; more informed than most, but still wasn’t aware of 911 being an inside job.  He’d never head about the controlled demolition of WTC7. I asked him if he had any experience with explosives or working with steel. He had… and after seeing the collapse of WTC7 on my phone, he could not dispute that it looked like a controlled demolition.

It’s a priceless moment to witness, when the pieces of the puzzle fall into place as someone admits to themselves that it had to be a controlled demolition, and begins to accept the implications that follow.

And I will never stop flogging this dead horse until every last US soldier and drone and merc is out of the Middle East.

Have a nice day !

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